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  1. Tecnocraft T1 Seats Transplanted into Godzillas (R35 GT-R)

    Asian Auto
    From the PASSWORD BASTERDS *over there*, a fabrication video on how the floor brackets have taken shape inside the Godzilla to give it a 130+lb. drop in weight. :D. I'm thinking this G is following suit with the Tecnocraft G... VIDEO: T1 Seat Fabrication & Transplant
  2. ****Tecnocraft E9x M3 Envy™ Intake System "nutty" Giveaway!****

    Well, the time has come for TECNOCRAFT to get into the spirit of PRE-SEMA / HOLIDAYS Giving... (a first of many in our lifetime, I assure you). Here's the detailed contest... PLEASE READ and VIEW the images carefully ;). -This is a bag of TECNOCRAFT peanuts, overexposed, they cost a few cents...
  3. TECNOCRAFT - An Introductory Thread

    Hi L4P-ghini Owners! Just wanted to share our newly finished Official 2010 Tecnocraft Product Catalog specific to the Lamborghini Gallardo. It'll be going into print soon and if you'd like one, please let me know, and I would be happy to help make sure you receive one (No, you don't have to own...