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  1. Automotive
    Hey guys, some partners and I were having some disscussion last weekend about starting a ON ROAD supercar experience. with a starting fleet of an Aventador, an SLR, a Saleen S7, and a murci SV. So, fellow L4P users, here's the question, would you a consumer, spend between 2500$-4000$ to have a...
  2. MBZ
    This was the first SL65 AMG Black Series I've ever seen and I have to say it looks monstrous!!Few cars look so mean, angry and extreme powerful!!And the sound it makes is just thunderous!! Enjoy!
  3. European Auto
    I originally heard about this from a post made on a wdwmagic forum…But I just now found this website: Project Exotic . Sounds like there really will be an exotic car driving experience in Orlando starting January 2012. The site doesn’t specify the cars or the track layout yet, but they are...
  4. European Auto
    Just an average car that I spotted on Sloane St.
1-5 of 5 Results