1. The Inside of This Massive Luxury Private Jet is More Insane Than You Can Imagine

    Taking the title of most luxurious private jet is tough, with every aviator trying to one-up the latest modern models. Just when you think you’ve found the most incredible luxury private jet on the planet, something like the new Boeing 787-8 from China’s HNA Aviation Group comes along, and its...
  2. United's Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Inaugural Flight Experience

    I had been closely following this plane's developments ever since Boeing was in talks about creating a new aircraft known then as the 7E7. I was a part of a small group of people back then that Boeing surveyed on a regular basis when they started making this airplane. As a young kid at the time...
  3. Boeing 787 Dreamliner Inauguration Flight - Anyone Going?

    This might be a stupid question since there aren't many aviation guys here but is anyone here going on any inauguration flights for the new 787?