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  1. Automotive
    My automotive drawings :) I use markers, pencils and pens for it My Instagram:
  2. Arts
    Well I am a new member guys and have to say I am loving this site so far, great info, great cars and there are some creative people in this section for definite. Anyway I sold a large amount of landscapes paintings and artwork in my school years so thought I would just throw up some old pics I...
  3. Arts
    Some recent stuff from me... t-shirts and sketches and prints, oh my. Marker sketching: More marker doodling: Prints... ...and on canvas, too:
  4. Arts
    Some recent doodles and whatnot: Mustang I rendered for the TV show Search and Restore (reveal was this past weekend on Spike TV's Powerblock): ...posters for a local truck/pre-show party: skate deck: ...and a truck headed for Vegas, frst week of November:
  5. Arts
    Another rendering hits the real world... The C2ZR1 got the grand unveiling this weekend in Carlisle. Here's the artwork for said project: The carbon fiber roof: ...emblems: Photos soon. Thanks for looking in!
1-5 of 5 Results