1. Really Cool *Just Rust* Artwork--Exotics Edition

    A buddy of mine from Europe is doing some really cool work that I have not seen anywhere else. Stuff rocks IMHO. Would not normally think of have "rust" in my house of office, but this stuff is just amazing looking. Check it out. More Here: Just Rust Amazing Artwork album by DoctaM3 «...
  2. One of the BEST if not the best 599 GTO Color Combination I've seen

    I have seen this car now several times and fall in love over and over again--no lie. Combination is amazing and to die for and is certainly not run of the mill. Who else is with me on this? Also, check out the video I got of it accelerating away--that sound sends chills down my spine :bow1...
  3. [VIDEO] 2 Lamborghini Aventadors and a Prototype Countach go cruising

    A video short from a larger project I am working on with 2 early customer Aventadors delivered in the US. Dripping in Arancio Argos and Giallo Orion and lead by the Argento Protoype Countach, the V12 parade to the Cars & Coffee meets was pretty special especially in the company of the Countach...
  4. Two Italian Tenors: 2 Privately-owned Aventadors Meet & Greet

    Did a photoshoot this weekend with some amazing rides. I think this was the first meet of 2 privately owned Aventadors in the US-Arancio Argos and Giallo Orion. To make it even more special, we met up with some V12 heritage as well with 2 Countachs (one of which was a prototype fuel-injected)...
  5. [VIDEO] Aventador in tunnel "chased" by X6M

    Met up with the Cars and Coffee crew from Columbus for a really awesome weekend. Will be posting some cool pictures of the photochool of 2 Lambo owners Aventador--might be the first gathering of non-dealer demos. Should be ready in a few more days. On the way back, shot this tunnel run video...
  6. LP700-4 Aventador chased by LP560-4 Spyder

    Recently took my Verde Ithaca LP560 Spyder down for a test drive of the Nero Nemesis Aventador and took this video while on the cruise. It shows some amazing angles and control surfaces of the Aventdaor in person. I am loving it more and more. My own Aventador will be here tomorrow, so lots...