1. DMC Injects The Bentley Bentayga With An Extra 100 Horsepower

    The Bentley Bentayga is indisputably the world’s fastest and most powerful SUV, however German exotic and luxury car tuner DMC felt the need to go ahead and inject it with an additional 100 horsepower anyway. DMC has dubbed its take on Bentley’s first-ever SUV the ‘Bentayga Gigante’, with the...
  2. Move Over McFly, This Racing DeLorean Spits Huge Flames

    We bet this highly tuned racing DeLorean done by Putsch Racing wouldn't even need a lightning strike or plutonium to get up to precisely 88 mph ... Hell, it shouldn't have a problem getting way past that speed—and shoot flames at the same time. No way. According to the video below by...
  3. DMC "tuning" In A Laughable Interview

    Infamous CEO of DMC, Greg Schoner just gave an interview with just a couple days ago. I thought it was somewhat funny given what has happen with DMC in the past... especially on L4P. For anyone who has an hour to burn/catch up on what happened with DMC in the past or needs a...
  4. 458 Italia Spider 608 PS on Forged Rims and new Aero Package

    DMC is proud to release their take on the 458 Spider today, called the "Elegante". It comes closely after the tuner's recent F12 "Spia" project, which started their quest for an increased market share in the Maranello quarters. Let's start with the Performance Package and the Forged Rims...
  5. DMC Aventador, Project MALAYSIA BLU

    Here are the photos of our recent Aventador project in Malaysia. The car is kind of a half-breed since it received our Spezial Version / SV Rear Bumper, but the regular Molto Veloce Package on the front and rest of the car. Thanks to Jordan for the wonderful photos!
  6. DMC Aventador Spezial Version #2 of 10 is coming to Switzerland!

    DMC Aventador Spezial Version #2 of 10 is coming to Switzerland!

    DMC has traditionally been famous for Lamborghini, but with the new F12 Ferrari hitting the market, it's time to show that exceptions prove the rule. The pressure has been great after the luxury refiner from Germany launched its Aventador package last year, but they managed to top even that. The...
  8. OFFICIAL: DMC Bentley "DURO" (2013 GTC)

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    DMC Germany has been placing themselves on the list of supercar tuners in recent years. Appearing out of the nowhere, they gained respect as as a refiner of Italian Sports Cars. With their recent take on the McLaren MP4, the luxury manufacturer showcased that it's ready to enter the market of...
  9. [PRELEASE] DMC F12 Berlinetta "SPIA"

    DMC has traditionally been famous for Lamborghini, but with the new F12 Ferrari hitting the market, it's time to show that exceptions prove the rule. By preleasing the F12 Berlinetta "Spia", the Germans give us an insight on what's already available, and what's soon to come. Let's start with...
  10. 2012 LA Autoshow DMC Aventdor Saleen S7 Bespoke Coachworks - MNDR Feed Me Diamons (RAC Remix)

    RDBLA Lamborghini Aventador DMC LP700-4 Wide Body Matte White Bespoke Coachworks Luxury Sprinter Private Transport Vehicles Saleen S7 Super Car Mansory Carbon fiber BY RTW LORINSER Mercedes Benz Body Kits by RTW Chrome Wrap Mercedes AMG By SCCBH Music MNDR Feed Me Diamonds RAC Remix
  11. Acute Performance | Gallardo w/ DMC Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    A customer just finished up installing his DMC carbon fiber mirrors for his Gallardo. I'll get more pictures in a bit but wanted to post at least a close up shot: Michael Owner Acute Performance

    We are proud to announce we are teaming up with DMC to create some new monsters! We have all their kits available to us so let us know if you want to customize your Lamborghini!! We can get you parts, install them, paint them professionally all in house etc... Below are a few pictures of some...
  13. Acute Performance | Distributor for DMC Carbon Fiber Kits

    Hi Four, Acute Performance is now a distributor for DMC carbon fiber parts for your Lamborghini. DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Lamborghini and Ferrari automobiles. DMC's German founders always had a passion for luxury cars and...
  14. Lamborghini Gallardo Toro by DMC

    DMC takes the Gallardo's 5.2-liter V10 580hp and 424 lb-ft of torque thanks to titanium exhaust and ecu remap. 205mph new top speed. 100 percent carbon fiber body kit including a front spoiler and sword, side sills and skirts with side under diffuser, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and rear panel...
  15. golden DeLorean - Pictures

    (smiliar Post as HERE) Hey Guys Once there was something People were very attracted to it. It was shiny and everyone wanted to own it - Gold. But todays Gold is still very likely seen an not 'everyday', especially not as a color for a Car. Or a house/hotel. And why not bring these both...
  16. 7 DeLoreans at the Klassikwelt Bodensee, Germany

    Hey Guys At the moment just 2 photos as an Impression for what I spotted today ... hope you like the pictures, more tomorrow! Stay tuned :wink: You're also invited to like my Facebook Page, for faster updates The Car Addict