dmc tuning

  1. The Supercars of DMC

    Hello everyone! I was fortunate enough to wind up in Hong Kong with DMC and I spent a few days with them; creating a short piece about their cars. We had an incredible time and I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the final product. Any feedback is greatly appreciated...
  2. Cayenne 2013, 650+ HP, Wide Body & Carbon Styling

    DMC likes it subtle with a touch of elegance when it comes to wide body upgrades. Kindly tell us if you like it that way or way wider? Vented Hood, Rear Spoiler, Wide Body Trims, Rear Apron, Mirror Caps and Side Skirts all made of Carbon Fiber, but the real goody is DMC's performance upgrade...
  3. Rare Aventador spotted in Monaco [VIDEO]

    The DMC Aventador "Spezial Version" was spotted and filmed in great detail in Monaco. It's the Limited Edition (#2 of 10) and absolutely rocks the game. We think it's the sickest mod for Lamborghini's flagship, do you agree? Thanks to SuperCarsRiviera for the awesome share:
  4. Bentley 2013 GTC "DURO" by DMC Luxury spotted in Shenzhen China

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    DMC Luxury, renowned refiner for Exotic Sports Cars, officially released it's interpretation of a DMC Bentley a few weeks back. The McLaren they introduced prior was already a good indication that the team had set to enter the market of British Noble Marques, and the introduction of this Bentley...
  5. "Catch me if you can" DMC McLaren MP4 in Singapore

    Thanks to photographer Zen Balboni, we can showcase you this DMC McLaren MP4 in Singapore. We especially appreciate the owner's sense of humor for applying the message "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN" under our big GT wing:
  6. Carbonizing New York City [LP570 STYLE BUILD THREAD]

    As we have recently seen, German Luxury Tuner DMC has it's own facelift solution for first generation Gallardos. To update the Baby Lamborghini, a LP570 styled bumper is applied which is not only re-engineered to fit the 2004-2008 models, but is shockingly made of 100% carbon fiber. Martino...
  7. Choose your favourite Wing Spoiler Design among 4 Styles [Gallardo "Couture"]

    It's well known that German Luxury Tuner DMC has a fable for Lamborghinis. But with the recent rush around the company's Aventador Kits, we would like to focus on another breed today, the Gallardo. Maybe the best selling model from Sant'Agata, it comes at no wonder that DMC has not one, but...
  8. DMC Aventador ROADSTER "Molto Veloce" by WildSpeed

    Even before it's official unveiling, renowned artist WildSpeed has created a digital preview, of what the upcoming DMC Aventador ROADSTER "Molto Veloce" is going to look like. On the visible side, DMC is able to use the same components as on their bespoke Aventador Coupe: A unique expressive...
  9. Monster 630 PS Panamera "Tempe" by DMC Germany [SPOTTED IN QATAR!]

    A lot of DMC Germany's Lamborghini clients drive a Panamera or Cayenne as their daily ride, which led to the development of our Panamera "Tempe" package. The package's core is of course our engine performance program, which delivers up to 630 PS instead of the regular 500 PS in the normal...
  10. DMC Germany's Maserati GT "Sovrano" on PUR Rims

    Gran Turismo "Sovrano" by DMC ™ "Exotic Car Tuning" Germany, first time ever to be seen as a convertible. The sick color finish adds to DMC's aggressive styling that consists of the new 2012 Front Bumper (Stradale Style), Side Skirts, Rear Diffuser and other aerodynamic sweets, plus the...