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  1. Lotus
    I pulled this off another forum but damn that's a clean install. So we now offer custom iPad Mini Slider Kits for a lot of cars, we make these kits custom in store and are the perfect way to put the iPad in dash. The iPad must have the cellular built in to make sure it works while your driving...
  2. Jewelry
    I've been wanting a skull ring for a while. I tried to have it locally made in silver (custom handmade jewelry is quite inexpensive here) but no one seemed to want to make one, they just wanted to sell me crappy pre-made stainless rings. This was my inspiration: Here is the closest...
  3. Aviation
    Check out this story about Glasair's Two Weeks to Taxi program in Wired Magazine. You can build a plane in Two Weeks! DIY Plane: From Toolbox to Takeoff in Two Weeks | Autopia | Glasair Aviation - The Only Airplane You Can Build In Two Weeks!
1-3 of 3 Results