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  1. Automotive
    Late last year, we reported the unearthing of one of the largest diamonds ever found : a 1,109 carat diamond found in Botswana by a Canadian mining company called Lucara Diamond . At the time, the diamond was known as “Karowe AK6”, as it had not been named and while we compared it to the...
  2. Automotive
    A spectacular 404.2 carat diamond was just discovered in Angola’s Lunda Norte province, by Lucapa Diamond Company, making it largest record diamond to have been extracted in Angola, one of the world’s top four diamond-producing nations. The diamond is a Type IIa D-colour gem, a category that...
  3. Automotive
    A rare blue diamond aptly named the ‘Blue Moon’, sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva, Switzerland this month for $48. 5 million. Purchased by a private Hong Kong collector, the sale set a new world record for the highest priced jewel to sell at auction. The ‘Blue Moon’ is a 12.03-carat fancy...
  4. Jewelry
    Have a diamond ring that I need to get appraised. I hear stories of jewelers taking rings "in the back" to look at and then switching out stones. REALLY? Does that happen? Looking for someone reputable in the Long Beach/Socal area. Thank you
1-4 of 6 Results