1. 2010 997S Shark Werks & Tubi Exhaust, RSS & TechArt Suspension

    This gorgeous Atlas grey 2010 997S came into us for an entire make-over including the SharkWerks & Tubi exhaust, EVOMSit tuning, RSS & TechArt suspension components, GiroDisc rotors and a set of CEC c882 light-weight wheels. The goal was a daily driver with some regular track duty... In she...
  2. New Shark Werks Exhaust Available for 2010+ Turbo and Turbo S Models

    Shark Werks is excited to announce another new product and this time for the MK2 2010-2012 997 Twin Turbo and Turbo S. The 2010+ 997.2 Twin Turbo and its DFI 3.8L engine produces plenty of power however for a $150,000 car it could certainly use a kick in the pants as far as the exhaust note...
  3. Video: Shark Werks Exhaust for PSE equipped 2011 Carrera GTS and Targa 4S @ Stage II

    Hey guys, We've had a few really neat cars over the last couple of weeks so I wanted to share a couple of the best DFI 3.8 cars we've seen. These upgrades work on all 3.6L and 3.8L 2009+ models, whether using a PDK or 6-speed, PSE or standard exhaust. First was this 2011 Carrera GTS Cab in Aqua...
  4. Video: 2010 C4S 997.2 with Tubi Exhaust

    This classic black on black 2010 997.2 C4S came into us to open up the sound of the new A91 engine. We choose to use the light-weight three-piece Tubi Exhaust system for an aggressive yet sophisticated sound. And she arrives... For the 997.2 cars there is no bumper removal required so up she...
  5. Video: Red 2010 Boxster S DFI with Tubi Exhaust @ Shark Werks

    This local guards red 2010 DFI Boxster S came into us for a sound-improvement upgrade in the form of the Tubi Exhaust system to get things started. The exhaust is entirely bolt-on and requires no modification. Up on the lift she goes... The factory exhaust is then removed: The factory unit...