1. *****OAKES DETAIL: Serving L4P in the Northeast!*****

    *****OAKES DETAIL: We're MOVING!! Check last post for info!***** At Oakes Detail, we are true paint corrective, restorative detailers, serving the Tri-State area. Our work is unsurpassed by many, offering true value and quality in every job we perform. Our returning client base continues to...
  2. Oakes - Detailed: 2006 Spyker C8 Spyder

    Having worked on many exotics and high end vehicles over the years, it's been a while since I've done something completely new to me. Not surprisingly so as there aren't too many of these very exotic looking vehicles around, being the Spyker C8 Spyder. This particular example, came in the...
  3. Oakes - Detailed: 997 Porsche Carrera 4S - High Mile Revial

    This 72k mile daily driver, was clearly showing it's use, as expected. Definitely not abused, however, it needed some revival. We spent quite a bit of time restoring this beauty to factory like condition. The wheels came off, the top was treated, the mufflers were polished in the wheel wells, as...
  4. Panoz Esporante - Extensive Paint Correction by Unique Car Care!!

    This Panoz Esporante was brought in for a complete detail to get the car looking good for resale. Although the car has very low miles, it had its fair share of issues that needed to be addressed. The exterior had some pretty severe scratches and heavy swirling which were visible in the direct...
  5. Oakes - Detailed: 2005 Mercedes SL500 - Total Revival

    A referral from a previous client, this recently purchased 2005 Mercedes SL500 was brought to us with a lot of attention needed. From 10 feet away, the car looked great! However, turn on the halogens and start looking for the pointed out issues, and newly discovered ones, this paint corrective...
  6. Black Ferrari 328 GTS Detail by Unique Car Care !!

    This gorgeous Ferrari 328 GTS was recently purchased by one of my clients who brought the car in for a complete detail and paint correction. Although the car was in excellent condition, he felt that the paint could be improved upon. This metallic black paint is very rare and all original, so the...
  7. Oakes - Detailed: 2005 Acura NSX - Long Beach Blue Pearl

    This client found us via search for a detailer and was referred to us, once he got in contact, he came down to see what we can do with the car. He had attempted to do some polishing himself and was not able to achieve the results he wanted. The goal was to achieve as much gloss and depth as...
  8. 2008 RS4 Daytona Grey--One step

    Finished this car last weekend--finally getting around to posting it. One of my favorite colors, on one of my favorite cars! What's more to love?! The car was in very good shape, and had very few miles for it's age. The plan of attack was near-perfection. It wouldn't be hard to achieve as...
  9. Let's get some specials going on in the Bay Area!

    Now that the rain is (sort of) subsiding, it's about time to pull out the summer toys from hiding for the summer! Lets kick off the sunny weather with some specials! I will flat-rate the details, as opposed to charging by the hour, so the worse your car is, the more value you get out of it...
  10. Oakes - Detailed: 2009 BMW 335 Diesel - Body Shop Nightmare

    A Paint corrective detail of a 2009 BMW 335 Diesel, in the infamous BMW Jet Black that fell victim to poor body shop “detailing” as you will clearly see in the pictures. This 1,700 mile 335d looked far too defected for it’s age, so it was evident that full correction was needed. After getting...
  11. Carbon Black BMW M3 Exterior Detail by Unique Car Care!

    This car has just over 80,000 miles on the odometer and was in pretty good shape for the mileage. Although the owner takes good care of the car, it has accumulated its fair share of defects over the years and needed some extensive polishing to bring the paint back to life. Upon arrival, this...
  12. Hi, I'm D Tailor and you might remember me from such places as...

    ... other forums! :D I wanted to get my Sponsorship squared away with 4 before I officially posted my "in the house" post. My name is David and I own/operate Tailored Automotive Services LLC and Tailored Automotive Detailing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have several unique projects and...
  13. Custom Torch Red Corvette Polished to Perfection by Unique Car Care!

    This beautiful C5 Corvette has been babied all of its life and has never seen rain. The owner takes meticulous care of the car and has put a lot of work into the car over the years. Some of the customizations include a custom paint job (ghost flames on the hood & side panels), custom airbrushing...
  14. Worst Detail of 2009!! - Extreme Paint Correction by Unique Car Care!

    . See the entire write-up here:
  15. Mustang GT Nightmare Brought Back to Life by Unique Car Care!

    -Mustang GT Nightmare by Unique Car Care- The Mustang GT you are about to see, belongs to a family member of one of my best clients. The owner had a slight mishap and scratched the front right fender and needed to have some body work done in order to fix it correctly (more like incorrectly!)...
  16. Porsche 911 Carrera S - Complete Vehicle Rejuvenation by Unique Car Care!

    I am glad to share the extensive detail I performed on this 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera S in the rare and beautiful Ocean Blue Metallic over Savanna Beige leather interior. The 993 wide bodies are becoming difficult to find and this car is an excellent example. The gorgeous, deep Ocean Blue...
  17. Brand New BMW Hacked by the Dealer!! Extensive Paint Correction by Unique Car Care!

    I received a call from the owner of this brand new BMW 128i about having the exterior detailed and discussed a good time to bring the car by so I could take a look at the condition of the paint. He was concerned about some hazing and holograms that were visible on the top surfaces and was afraid...
  18. NWAS Details: Lamborghini Fly Yellow Diablo VT for Cats Exotics

    Roy called us and asked us to freshen up his Fly Yellow Diablo VT so that his customer would get to appreciate the full brilliance of the car's paint. We spent about 3 days bringing this car back and we were delighted with the results. It's always a pleasure to have Roy's cars in our shop and...
  19. NorthWest Auto Salon's NEW Customer Loaner Vehicle

    Should make life easier for all those on the eastside or need a car during the days we are doing the detail work. Inquire within!:clap: