1. Detailer's Domain: Porsche 911 CS - New Car Paint Correction

    New Porsche 911 CS Correction. I got a call from my customer telling me he just got a new 911 CS and asked me to take a look at it, I guess to my surprise I got a pretty swirled/hologram imperfect new 911! It always surprises me that dealers selling cars can do this, I feel its the dealers'...
  2. Detailer's Domain: Porsche 993 C2 - Full Correction

    Got this 911 C2 in right after a shop did some work on it, quite a bit of work. When I asked the customer what happened he said that's how they gave it to me.....I was a bit surprised.... Take a look. What was done - Exterior - Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with...