1. Did Someone Build a Luxury Spacecraft in the Swiss Alps?

    Real Estate
    No, but it sure looks like one. Instead, it's the stunning minimal masterpiece, Montebar Villa, which overlooks the Swiss Alps, in Medeglia Switzerland. For fans of minimal architectural design is ground zero. Designed by Italian JM Architecture studio , this geometrical masterpiece adapts...
  2. This Stunning $18 Million Luxury Soho Loft is an Interior Designer's Dream

    Real Estate
    An absolutely gorgeous penthouse condominium, this 4,800 square foot Soho loft offers clean gallery walls, high beautiful brick ceilings, tons of natural light and a variety of high end finishes—including Italian lava stone tiles and rift-cut white oak flooring. It's truly one of Manhattan's...
  3. This Ultra-Futuristic Interior is Porsche's Best Ever

    Not only does the Electric Porsche Mission E Concept look amazing on the outside with its killer suicide doors, but its driver-oriented interior, touchpad above the gear selector and super width media display make it look like it's straight out of the future. Check out the video below to see...
  4. Aston Martin Home Furniture Collection

    Aston Martin
    At Salone del Mobile 2014, Milan Italy: Every item in this display is designed by Aston Martin and constructed in Italy by Formitalia Luxury Group SpA. Now your home can match your garage..... Untitled by drivenperfection, on Flickr Untitled by drivenperfection, on Flickr Untitled by...
  5. Quick RS7 Render With HRE Vintage 501 l mahmoodDesign

    Did a quick rendering of an RS7 with the vintage series HRE's. Decided to go for a "bagged" route. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers.
  6. ADV1 Render l Offroad Range Rover

    Hello folks My name's Zaib and I'm 24 from Toronto. Currently drive an 04 TL Auto, but may switch to something else in the end of summer, probably an S4 but you never know. Anyways been following L4P for a while but decided to register after this render I just finished of the new Range Rover...
  7. My Photoshop Renderings of modified 2014 MB S65 AMG & 2014 BMW F10 M5 LCI

    I simply enjoy doing this for fun, been doing it for over 7 years on and off, never got too crazy with it, but I can certainly do the basics. I originally photoshopped these vehicles for a banner my company did a collaboration with. After the banner was finished, I decided to make individual...

    Arts and Entertainment
    Hello L4P, my son took the time and made this design. This is a design on the XBOX ONE Forza Motorsport 5 game. Its the infamous PUR BLANC "Panda" Paint design. For those of you who own the game. The design is available in the marketplace to download. Search for PUR BLANC BUGATTI to Download the...
  9. My Creative Side...

    Well I am a new member guys and have to say I am loving this site so far, great info, great cars and there are some creative people in this section for definite. Anyway I sold a large amount of landscapes paintings and artwork in my school years so thought I would just throw up some old pics I...
  10. Micro Housing - A business retreat?

    Real Estate
    Hi guys/gals, Just wrote a short article on the housing offered by M-ch; micro compact home. I found this type of real estate really interesting not only as a personal retreat but also as a business opportunity. There is a lot of potential for these to be used in very remote locations as...
  11. Introducing the New FMS-08 from D2FORGED

    Wheels & Tires
    FMS Features: - 3 piece Forged Construction - 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26" Diameters Available - Widths up to 15" - Classic Straight Profile Center Disc - Flat or Step Lip Available - Hidden or Visible Fasteners Available - Standard Center Disk Finishes - Black, Gunmetal, Brushed Aluminum...
  12. Spotted: 1 of 1 Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

    Vintage & Classics
    It was one of the moments when you just cant believe what you just spotted, in the public! :HappyDance: In my case it's the 1 of 1 Mercedes-Benz C111 design Concept, by Bruno Sacco, created in 1969. What a shame such a design never went into Production ... :ohwell: C111 design...
  13. New super retro yacht

    Here is a 3D concept coupé 46 feet with 2xIPS Volvo penta propulsion. Design by Zolland design of sweden. Viztech > newsblogg Zolland Design
  14. ::jackdarton:: Notio Velocitas-R Concept

    Hey guys, i'm new here but not to the world of automotive forums. I spend a lot of my time on different sites but thought it was about time I signed up here. I'm an Automotive Artist based in the UK, and my latest piece of work (Notio Velocitas-R) can be found here: Notio Velocitas-R by...
  15. New to L4P

    I've been enjoying the L4P Blog for some time now. As of recently I decided to show some photos of our construction projects. I hope you guys like them.
  16. Amsterdam + Berlin

    I am traveling to Amsterdam and Berlin to study Design and Photography in May 2011 and I'm wanting to catch up on the car scenes out that way. I will also be making trips to London, Hungary, and wherever else the road takes me! Suggestions?! Thank you, Robert
  17. Lp-540 GRN Goblin

    Hey guys, thought I'd share my new design project with all lambo enthusiasts, just finished this for my portfolio piece. It's a 3D cad generated tuning design proposal for Lamborghini Lp-540, featuring an aggressive four piece front bumper with carbon fiber add-on parts, enhanced side cooling...
  18. Life Imitating Art

    Another rendering hits the real world... The C2ZR1 got the grand unveiling this weekend in Carlisle. Here's the artwork for said project: The carbon fiber roof: ...emblems: Photos soon. Thanks for looking in!
  19. You got a little Concorso on your shirt...

    Knick had asked me to create a t-shirt for this weekend's Concorso Italiano... We threw some ideas around, and created this: ...threw in the appropriate colors for the event, and away it went! A fun piece, and a great opportunity to work creatively with Knick again (thanks, sir!).
  20. Fab Design SLR Desire Sound - video

    I was lucky enough to come in the Fab Design factory (what isnt allowed normally). So I filmed a couple of cars, also this great SLR Desire (: YouTube - FAB DESIGN SLR DESIRE START UP + CONVERTING TOP! (No. 00 / 15!)