1. 2012 CLS63 AMG 5.5L Biturbo on the Dyno @ DC Performance

    We recently had a 2012 CLS63 on our dyno...We performed a baseline test and will be tuning the car. stayed tuned.
  2. Six Figure Singer x DC Performance Los Angeles x Apex Speed = One Badass Porsche

    I am proud to show off this project to the L4P community! This badass “Reimagined by Singer” machine is based on the 964 model, 911 chasis of 1990-1994. Boasting a more sophisticated platform than past restorations by Singer, this gem is painted Singer Racing Silver with a Ruby Red interior...
  3. DC Performance's Stealth55 takes on the BMWs @ MFest 2011 (Las Vegas Motor Speedway)

    Hey L4P, I recently got back from the Mfest show in Las Vegas. My shop DC Performance in Los Angeles specializes in tuning and performance modifications. We work on all different kinds of cars and i was urged to come out... this was my first time attending Mfest. (Jami333) L4P member and...
  4. ***DC Performance HEMI/SRT8 DYNO Day, March 19th 2011***

    Hey L4P!!! Come on out to our dyno day! Saturday March 19th from 9am to 4pm we will be open for Dyno testing for all 2 and 4 wheel drive Hemi's. Call to confirm your dyno, everyone is welcome. DC Performance Inc. 3370 So. Livonia Ave Los Angeles Ca 90034 800.841.8979. Come early and hang...
  5. Bullet Proof Generation 4 VIPER Clutch **PRODUCT LAUNCH** @ DC Performance

    This new product has been quite a development project for us lasting about a year. The results are spectacular and well proven. Some history here. When the Generation 4 Viper came out there was quite a bit of buzz about it's new Sach's double disc clutch assembly. Lighter pedal, better...
  6. Kleemannized w209 by DC Performance **BUILD COMPLETE**

    One of our customers approached us with a used supercharger kit by KLEEMANN he had bought off a friend. He contacted DC Performance partly due to our reputation with supercharged motors and was looking for an honest and knowledgeable Kleemann dealer. DC Performance has been working with...
  7. 1988 Lamborghini LM002 @ DC Performance ***Custom Tuning***

    At DC Performance we see all different makes and models but this rare Lamborghini SUV made its way into DC Performance this week for some custom tuning on our in-house Dynojet. Our client added a PECTEL stand alone unit along with upgraded Cams. This project is neat because in stock form the...
  8. **DC Performance Exclusive** Rear Diffuser 1996-2002 Viper

    We recently installed the production GTSR Street Viper front splitter and side splitters to a Gen 2 Viper and the customer expressed an interest in a subtle rear diffuser to go with the package. One of our clients works with aluminum and came up with this nice bolt on rear diffuser. This adds a...
  9. Modified AMG - Stealth55 Dyno Tuned

    This is my 2005 E55 on our Dynojet @ DC Performance in Los Angeles. We will soon be releasing our engine packages for 55K motors. Enjoy a little teaser! YouTube - Modified AMG - Stealth 55 Dyno Tuned E55 AMG
  10. Global Tuner Grand Prix & Garry Grant's ACR 1:33

    American Auto
    Congratulations to Garry Grant @ The Global Tuner Grand Prix for placing FIRST in the Tuner Class with his 2010 Dodge Viper ACR 1:33 Edition!
  11. Viper ACR 1:33 Edition Track Prep ** Global Tuner Grand Prix at Laguna Seca **

    American Auto
    We were really excited to see this 1:33 edition Viper come to us to prepare for the Global Tuner Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. We looked the car over and came up with a balanced package that would put this car in the ACRX league and still keep it in the street car class. Our first goal was to...
  12. 2008 SUPERCHARGED Jeep by DC Performance **VIDEO**

    American Auto
    DC Performance has done 100s of Supercharger installations over the years but the Jeep SRT8 is still one of my favorites. We recently Supercharged this 2008 Jeep SRT8 with our Vortech kit. We installed, tuned and verified this Jeep on our in-house Dynapack Dynamometer. Enjoy a short video! :clap:
  13. BMW 335i STG 1 Tune by DC PERFORMANCE

    Back in early 2008 we purchased the software to flash the 335/135/X6/535 twin-turbo engines. We have been in development and I would like to announce testing is complete. This is a flash upgrade and we verify all our results! This 2007 BMW 335 features our STAGE 1 flash. I have special...
  14. Generation 5 Viper NEW Logo

    American Auto
    We are still in Salt Lake City, Utah for Viper Owners Invitational 11. Last night Dodge sponsored a dinner where they unveiled the GENERATION 5 Viper logo and unveiled to us the Generation 5 VIPER but with a twist. We were not shown the interior and no cell phone/cameras were allowed. BUT we...
  15. Dodge Viper ACR-X @ DC Performance **(VIDEO)**

    Here at DC Performance we are used to getting the newest and latest from Dodge. Last month was no exception, this is our customers new Dodge Viper ACR-X. It was a rare privilege to hear this car in the confines of our facility and see what Dodge has up its sleeve for 2011! Enjoy a small tease...
  16. * * * * DC Performance Generation 4 Viper PORTED HEADS (30RWHP) * * * *

    DC Performance does it again! Over the past year we have been looking very closely at the Gen 4 Viper engine. With superchargers, turbochargers and big engine builds not practical or economical for most customers with this new engine, we were looking for another 100hp without major internal...
  17. Formula Drift E92 335 V10 Dyno Testing @ DC Performance

    Formula Drifter Michael Essa brought his E92 335 V10 to DC Performance to dyno test and tune. A Short video we made from his visit... YouTube - Drift Racer Michael Essa E92 V10 Testing @ DC Performance Check out Michael Essa and his BMW @ GSR Autosport Pro Formula DRIFT, GoSpecRacing - Spec...
  18. DC Performance WHITE ACR Hardcore Package

    This 2009 Viper ACR features the Hardcore Package and no stripe! This is not our customers first viper and brought us his new ACR to maintain and prepare for the racetrack. With our extensive knowledge of Viper Racing we were able to add simple yet real changes that can be felt on the race...
  19. Rolls Royce Ghost @ DC Performance (teaser)

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    One of our customers just brought us his new 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost. Not only does he have an amazing collection of sports cars he also has excellent taste! Here is a teaser shot.... The only WHITE Ghost in LA @ the moment. :clap:
  20. DCP Supercharged SRT10 Viper Truck (Video Included)

    DC Performance Tuned SRT10 Viper Truck