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  1. Automotive
    The Italian beauty that is the Maserati Quattroporte. Even in stock form it is considered one of the most beautiful sedans around and for this owner he found ways to extend the Italian flair adding an aggressive beauty to this car. It begins with a lowered suspension and things really take...
  2. American Auto
    So Fresh, so Clean! This Camaro owner chose the limited edition staggered 22" CV1's which contrast well with the pure white paint. This decision accents the lines of the car more as the matte graphite finish of the wheels takes your eyes away. These wheels also feature a gloss graphite lip...
  3. Asian Auto
    A modified bright orange Z is already sure to turn heads. Matched with our concave CV1 wheels adds another dimension of excellence to this vehicle. Notice the concave rear spokes and the detail of the matte black. The CV1 mixes sport extremely well with this fantastic 350Z. VVS-CV1 - Black...
  4. Land Rover
    Seemingly made for one another....our new Limited Edition CV1 with the Gentleman's Brute, the Range Rover Sport. Full PhotoShoot coming soon. Questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or contact a Vossen Wheels dealer near you and don't forget about our incomparable 5 year warranty.
  5. Asian Auto
    The funky Infiniti FX is not your usual SUV and needs something tasty to set it off. Enter Vossen 22" Concave CV1's. The owner chose to go with the full concave face all around with 20x10.5s. This adds additional aggressiveness to the FX and gives it a proper stance. Click any of the pics to go...
  6. Asian Auto
    Had to share this! 20" Vossen CV1 Click the pic to go to our website! Contact us at [email protected]
  7. MBZ
    This vehicle features our concave 22" CV1 wheels in staggered fitment and features modifications including a rare Wald Black Bison kit. This vehicle was done by one of our Vossen dealers, Need 4 Speed Motors. Enjoy the full 9 page gallery at our website by clicking any of the pictures. Thank you.
  8. American Auto
    Check out our latest video featuring our Matte Graphite CV1 and the Camaro Convertible!!! Click the link or Click here to see the video thanks!! Chevrolet Camaro on 22" Vossen VVS-CV1 Concave Wheels / Rims - YouTube
  9. MBZ
    The 7 passenger V-8 Mercedes Benz GL 550 with our VVS-CV1 Wheels in a Custom Gloss Black finish. Click the pic to go to the full 8 picture set. Thank you. Sizes F: 22x10.5 / R: 22x10.5
  10. MBZ
    Enjoy this classy, rare beast with our Vossen CV1 wheels. Thank you!
  11. MBZ
    View 9 more photos from the full photo shoot here:Mercedes Benz W211 E-Class CV1 Gallery View 9 more photos from the full photo shoot here:Mercedes Benz W211 E-Class CV1 Gallery
1-12 of 12 Results