custom wheels

  1. Land Rover
    As one famous rapper said, ain't no sense in rolling on nothing below 24s and he was right! So this Range Rover Sport is doing just that, on these beautiful 24" D2FORGED VS7 wheels! What can be more impressive than this sight? These puppies are OEM colormatched, with a white face and...
  2. Asian Auto
    I started the year off right with a photoshoot. It was a great day with nice cloud cover and the shots came out pretty good. I am still learning photography and would like to hear your thoughts on these shots. Thanks :D Nico IMG_5948 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_6072 by MODLyfe, on Flickr...
  3. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    This may be my favorite silver Bentley GT yet. It's flashy with its large rims, silver paint, and dark tint, but it remains classy. What do you think? (Also, how about those dudes in Santa costumes?!?! It must be getting near Christmas, lol)
  4. Porsche
    I like this Carrera as I think the red brake calipers and black body with the black wheels and silver lip look awesome. The presence of the car would raise McDonald's Zagat rating from a 1.5 on the 30 point scale (my estimate) to at least a 3 ;-)