1. Cars At The Castle 8.12.2018 - Chicagoland/NWI

    Cars At The Castle and our sponsors present the unique opportunity for supercar enthusiasts to come showcase their vehicles at a beautiful historic landmark that is only 35-45 minutes away from downtown Chicago. Everybody is welcome to come enjoy the day and meet the great people that share...
  2. Southwest Florida Dinner Cruise

    Hi All, About once a month a great group of people and beautiful cars gather together for a highway cruise and dinner. Our next one is September 14th and you are all more than welcome to join us. We usually have a couple photographers and a collection of GoPros that come along with us. I'll be...
  3. Naples Collier Collection Event

    If anyone will be around South Florida in early July the E.O.C. is planning an event to visit the Naples Collier Collection on July 5th. It is an unbelievebale facility with millions of dollars worth of beautiful cars. Check out their website for more info. Exotic Owners Club Events
  4. AMG of The NorthEast's Season Kick off

    European Auto
    After 2 successful years of events we are now on our third year! Come meet your old friends and make some new ones at our annual Season Kickoff! All makes and models are welcome! Just please keep the burnouts/aggressive driving outside of the parking lot since they are our sponsor and we wish...
  5. Pics from Ferrari Cruise happened on Aug 26, 2012 around toronto

    28 Ferrari's and a aston martin showed up from this all exclusive cruise organised by the ferrari club canada which i was very glad to be a part of thanks to mario for letting me ride in his 355 and yes there was a rare f40 that came out as well. enjoy the pics. check out the full album some...
  6. Meet up and Cruise in Malibu March 4

    I wanna do a meet up and cruise in Malibu this sunday i wanted if anyone would be interested

    East Coast
    NEXT MEET OCTOBER 7TH 2012: 12:30-2:00PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello again everyone! Weve been having some amazing weather recently even as the last day of summer has come and gone. That said we will be hosting the Amish Country Exotic...
  8. GA: Midnight Cruise IV - 12:00am - 12/18/2011

    Ever got a itch to get in your car in the middle of night and let it loose? Well we bring the cure, Midnight Cruise. Itch away........ For the past 3 years it's been running strong and it's back again: >Speed & Mischief - Midnight Cruise IV< When: 12/17/2011 Where: Location will only be...
  9. Florida Mega Cruise on 12/18/11!!!!

    I am the founder and leader of Vision Autos a rapidly growing car club here in Florida. We will be hosting a car cruise from West Palm Beach to Key West. Please hit 'Attending' under our Facebook Page Log In | Facebook REGISTER FOR FLORIDA MEGA CRUISE Overview The Florida Mega Cruise is...
  10. GA: "1 Lap of Atlanta - Dawn Run" by Speed & Mischief

    GA: "Dawn Run" by Speed & Mischief -Videos are on the bottom of the info- <Date> August, 5 2012 <Day> Sunday <Rendezvous Time> #### <Location> ###### -Beautiful Sunday morning dawns upon us not with oh so sweet bird chirps, rather automotive gods clearing their throats through tail pipes as...
  11. Australia's Cruise to Robertson's Pies | ADV.1

    European Auto
    These aren't my pics…full story visit [NSW] Cruise to Robertson Pies - 13 March 2011 - PICS! R36...3.6-liter, V-6, 300 hp ADV.1 ADV.1 ADV.1
  12. ~Speed & Mischief's~ Midnight Cruise III, 2011

    Well we are back again, and harder than last time. There will be hands down some of the sickest cars from all over U.S in Atlanta, GA for Import Alliance, and there couldn't be a better time for us to get together and unleash Speed & Mischief we all have within us. Plus we are collaborating...
  13. ~Speed & Mischief~ Midnight Cruise-Pictures/Video

    Here are some pictures, rest will be going on the site and this thread soon, along with full video. It was good seeing some L4P member out and playing :clap:. We love to tease: YouTube - StayClassyAtlanta | Speed & Mischief - Midnight Cruise...
  14. ~Speed & Mischief~ Midnight Cruise- Pictures/Video

    Here are some pictures, rest will be going on the site and this thread soon, along with full video. It was good seeing some L4P member out and playing :clap:. We love to tease: YouTube - StayClassyAtlanta | Speed & Mischief - Midnight Cruise Thanks to Speed & Mischief media...
  15. Oasis of the Seas - World’s Largest Mega Ship

    It's amazing how big these cruise ships are getting. They are like massive, floating cities. The "Oasis of the Seas" by Royal Caribbean International, is scheduled to be launched later this year and will be the world’s largest mega ship. It's 50 percent bigger than its nearest cruise ship...