1. This Show-Off Crash Video Compilation Will Make You Seriously Cringe

    Sure, showing off your car by doing burnouts can be really awesome—but sometimes, it can be also be really costly. Here's an awesome compilation video with crashes involving some of your favourites—and usual suspects... Here's all the cars that crash or have really close calls here.... Chevrolet...
  2. Another Tesla Owner is Blaming Autopilot for a Crash

    Yet another owner of a  Tesla  is blaming the brand’s Autopilot system for a crash. According to a member of Tesla Motors Club, the crash took place late at night when the Model X “drove off the road” while Autopilot was active, hitting a number of wooden stakes that were in the ground to...
  3. Did Lewis Hamilton Just Cause This $14-Million F1 Crash With His Mercedes Teammate?

    So. Ummm. This just happened. In the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya , Lewis Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg were in second and first positions respectively when this massive collision went down. Watch this and tell us whose fault do you think this is.... Either way, Mercedes is going to be...
  4. Watch This McLaren 986 P1 GTR Spin Out on Corkscrew, Barely Avoid Horrible Crash

    As the name suggests, ‘the Corkscrew’ turn is a twisting, daring driving maneuver. It can throw off even the sharpest drivers, which is almost what happened to a McLaren 986 P1 GTR at Laguna Seca the other day. The pro driver took a McLaren 986 P1 GTR to the track for McLaren P1 GTR track day...
  5. Someone Crashed This Lamborghini in Canada and Just Left it on the Side of the Highway

    Cops in Toronto, Canada, are looking for the driver of a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 after it crashed into another vehicle on the Gardiner Expressway early Monday morning. The police on the scene say the driver was then picked up by a BMW, which then sped away.  Apparently the crash happened...
  6. You Actually Won't Believe How Much this Destroyed Lamborghini Aventador Just Sold For

    When you wreck it, sell it. That’s what a driver did with this destroyed Lamborghini Aventador. And someone just bought it for an unbelievable amount in the hopes of restoring it to its former glory. Involved in a nasty rollover accident in Dubai, this sad puppy was unrecognizable after the...
  7. Some Guy Crashed His Lambo SuperCar While Trying To Sell It

    Ouch. Talk about bad days. This unlucky Aussie was trying to sell his Lamborghini Murcielago and was taking the potential buyer out to show him what this impressive SuperCar could do. Things were going awesome until he lost control around a bend near Sydney and crashed right into a tree, taking...
  8. Ferrari 550 Barchetta Crashes into a Car!

    European Auto
  9. Corvette Z06 vs G35 in the rain - interesting ending

    Was heading back from class last night and a kid in a G35 wanted to race... in the rain... I had a feeling something would happen, so I stayed back and turned the radio down to make sure I got good audio of it. He was fine, he started pulling onto the road before I could pull over.
  10. Koenigsegg Crashes into bystanders in Poland

    Too much power or an ignorant driver? What do you think? 24 people injured including 2 children and 4 in critical condition. Koenigsegg Car Crash in Poland 30/06/2013 | All 3 Angles [Raw HD Footage] - YouTube
  11. Man Dies After Toyota GT-86 Goes Off Cliff in Cape Town

    Asian Auto
    The body of a Cape Town man has been found in his vehicle (Toyota GT-86) down a cliff between Gordon's Bay and Koelbaai. His family feared that his car might have left the road after he was driving on the R44 from Arabella Golf Estate to Cape Town at about 3pm on 13th April 2013. The wreck was...
  12. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster Destroyed in Bridge Crash

    This is a heavy accident and the driver and passenger are apparently fighting for their lives after the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster they were travelling in slammed into a bridge footing in Mannheim, Germany. The pictures show utter destruction and you can see parts of the car strewn all over...
  13. TOTALED! LA Lakers Jordan Hill's Bentley Convertible Crashes Into Condo Complex!

    Video: TOTALED! Lakers Jordan Hill's Bentley Convertible Crashes Into Condos! LINK TO VIDEO A man was arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs this morning after he crashed a Bentley convertible registered to Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill into a...
  14. Lexus LFA Crashed in China

    Asian Auto
    This makes me really sad because I am such a massive LFA fan but I think it will be fixed and not a complete loss... Who agrees?
  15. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti wrecked in Cape Town and caught alight

    Last night ended badly for this Ferrari owner! He lost control around a very notorious bend in Cape Town, South Africa. Go to the blog for FULL gallery...
  16. Nissan GT-R Crashes in Rain in South Africa

    Got sent these pictures on twitter recently which shows a heavily damaged Nissan GT-R. It was apparently only 2 days old and still had paper number plates on. It lost control and flipped in the rain on the N12 near Klipriver. Airbags are visible on the drivers side and I am happy to report that...
  17. Koenigsegg CCXR Crashed

    So apparently this car was crashed in Johannesburg, South Africa. Got some serious panel beating going on here... I did not even know there was a CCXR in South Africa.
  18. Ferrari F40 crashes in Vancouver in wet

    A very sad sad scene of a F40 in vancouver when a guy crashed it over the weekend.