1. Start the New Year Right with a Countach Powersliding through Milan

    Seeing a poster of Lamborghini Countach is one thing. Seeing it real life is another altogether. But there’s nothing quite like seeing it in action. The lurid powerslides of this particular Countach (a purple LP400 Periscopico) come from Kidston’s latest film. You may remember the classic car...
  2. Lamborghini Polo Storico Shows off its Latest Restoration

    Lamborghini is so excited about its latest project that it’s showing it off, even though it’s not done yet. This 1976 Countach, chassis number 1120204 is part way through a nut-and-bolt restoration at Polo Storico and is being shown off at the Salon Retromobile, in Paris. Although we normally...
  3. Gallery: Sexy Lamborghinis Attend Grand Opening of New Carbon Fiber Lab

    We recently attended the grand opening of Lamborghini’s new carbon fiber development and research center in Seattle, but the party was actually in the parking lot of the innovative facility. Outside the  Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL) , classic and modern Lamborghinis were all...
  4. Lamborghini Factory Visit: April 2014

    Driven Perfection Visits The Lamborghini Factory And Museum In Sant'agata Bolognese Bologna, Italy. No photos were allowed on the factory floor. These were taken at the museum and "The Bull Bar" across the street. It was truly and honor to witness the production line in action, and view the...
  5. 23 Years Apart

    After heading to our local Cars & Coffee in a beautiful LP560-4 Spyder my buddy who is the brand manager of our local dealer brought me in the shop to show me something cool. Figured the L4P family could appreciate this. Same color, 23 years apart ;) 2008 Murcielago LP640 1985 Countach 5000 QV...
  6. [VIDEO] 2 Lamborghini Aventadors and a Prototype Countach go cruising

    A video short from a larger project I am working on with 2 early customer Aventadors delivered in the US. Dripping in Arancio Argos and Giallo Orion and lead by the Argento Protoype Countach, the V12 parade to the Cars & Coffee meets was pretty special especially in the company of the Countach...
  7. Two Italian Tenors: 2 Privately-owned Aventadors Meet & Greet

    Did a photoshoot this weekend with some amazing rides. I think this was the first meet of 2 privately owned Aventadors in the US-Arancio Argos and Giallo Orion. To make it even more special, we met up with some V12 heritage as well with 2 Countachs (one of which was a prototype fuel-injected)...