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  1. Automotive
    Hertz has a rich history of offering cool cars from their rental locations. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, though, it had to come up with something extra special and the answer came in the shape of a Z06. Available to rent at airport locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Fort...
  2. Automotive
    No one likes a tie, but that’s what we saw last week when the Ferrari FXX K and McLaren P1 GTR squared off in a battle of track-day titans, and going by a quick survey of comments on our Facebook page, you, our readers, seemed equally torn. Apparently, a run-of-the-mill campaign bumper...
  3. Detailing
    I have about 20 hours into sanding the vehicle down and have now started the compound/polishing stage. 50/50
  4. Corvette/Viper
    Another edition of our D2FORGED FMS Series wheels, once again on a Corvette Z06, this time with a different finish. After the Challenge Gold center, we've decided to mix it up a bit with some gloss black centers instead. For those not familiar with our Entry Level Line, with the FMS Series the...
  5. Corvette/Viper
    Another Corvette Z06 done by D2Forged, this time a black one with 20" VS1 wheels, completed with red fasteners, matte black center and black chrome lip CORVETTE Z06 D2FORGED VS1 20x10 / 13" MATTE BLACK CENTER BLACK CHROME LIP RED FASTENERS For more information about pricing, fitment and...
  6. Corvette/Viper
    Here is our take on the idea of new wheels for a Corvette Z06 with these 20" VS4 wheels! These are 3piece forged wheels, with 20x10" at the front and 20x13" at the back. Made with a brush aluminium center with black accent, featuring a chrome lip finish, which is in our opinion, a must have on...
1-7 of 7 Results