1. Show your humidor!!

    Seems like the cigar forums have died down for whatever reason, but being a newbie to the cigar realm and community, i thought it would be great to resurrect this forum! So let's see everyone's humidor and display your collection of cigars! This is a great way for those of us new BOTLs to see...
  2. The Luxury4Play Bus for the Roadtrip for a reason

    Hi to the 4 As you might have heard I am doing a Photographic Roadtrip across the states - 50days, 8500 Miles for charity, out of the 3 School buses we will be using 1 of them will be for the sole use and branding of the 4 Here is a basic concept render of the bus - the real one will be much...
  3. Scotch Collection or Suggestions

    Over the last year or so I've pretty much giving up every alcohol but beer and whisky. And since then I've started to stockpile a collection of scotch that either friends have told me about or that I've done some research on. I'm sure there are some ballers on this site that have a seriously...