1. Videos: Cars & Coffee 2015 - Motorworld Stuttgart Germany

    European Auto
    Hi all, here are some impressions of Cars & Coffee 2015 at the Motorworld Stuttgart.
  2. Saturday, Oct 12th: Cars & Coffee at Naples Luxury Imports!! :)

    Hello, friends! :) I wanted to cordially invite all of you to my work's Cars & Coffee event that I host monthly at Naples Luxury Imports! This month will be even more amazing than usual, because we have partnered up with the Tampa Automotive Club. They will be driving down from Tampa and...
  3. Naples Luxury Imports - May 11th, Cars & Coffee - Join us!!! :)

    Hello, friends! I've been very busy at work and wanted to create an event to get fellow automotive enthusiasts together! With that said, my work, Naples Luxury Imports, will be hosting its first Cars & Coffee event! If you can join us, please RSVP at...
  4. Nashville Cars & Coffee

    Rossion Ferrari's passing through Murcielago R8 1500hp Superleggera by UGR Ferrari interior Me & Diablo GT Ferrari Modena Lamborghini Superleggera 1500hp by UGR Viper SRT10 ACR Rolls Royce ghost Diablo GT again f360 startup & small revs. (tubi...
  5. Dallas information

    Hi guys, Let me introdcute myself, I'm Thomas, amd 20 years old and live in the Netherlands. This summer I will visit the USA and will be in a host family from 1 July till 6 August. I like cars and also photograph them and I was wondering if you could tell me about some events or car dealers...
  6. Ferrari 458 Italia revving with a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

    Video I shot at a Cars and Coffee meet in Florida of a 458 and SLS starting up and revving. (the annoying clicking in the background is the grey GTR, the battery died...haha) Also here is a video of the GTR's, the SLS, and the 458 taking off down the road after the meet: More pictures...
  7. L4P So Cali Run:: October 15th Saturday :: San Diego ::

    It's that time again. Who needs love? San Diego! Those of us that attended the Station Pizza run had a great time so I have decided to shoot for round 2. The Pizza there is great and the "UNDISCLOSED" Roads we journey on after Lunch are always fun. You can just join us for Pizza and take off or...
  8. How to start a car show?

    Hey guys, So my club at school had its first meeting a few days ago, and we thought that we should do a car show as a charity to help out the school, or another organization. We already got the green light to use the schools back parking lot( 500 car spaces) as the show area. But here is the...

    Check it out!
  10. 11/20: duPont REGISTRY's Cars & Coffee! Join us!

    Full photo gallery from last month's meet: duPont REGISTRY: Cars & Coffee Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know about our monthly Cars & Coffee event! :) Come join us tomorrow morning in St. Petersburg at our duPont REGISTRY headquarters for this very family friendly event! It's guaranteed...
  11. Columbus Cars & Coffee - May 16

    Mid West
    May 16, 2009 9AM-11AM Bob Evans 3140 Olentangy River Rd Columbus, Ohio Exotic/performance car meet with optional cruise to lunch destination at 11:00. Invite your friends. All are welcome but only performance/exotic cars will be permitted to park in the reserved parking area. No exceptions...