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  1. Southeast
    Here is a new exotic owners club for anyone in the mid to south Florida region. Check out the April 28th event. Exotic Owners Club - A Luxury Based Automotive Community
  2. West
    I currently work at a large ad agency here in Chicago, and one of our alcohol brands is looking to do some market specific executions (events, stunts, takeovers, etc.) within the LA nightlife scene.. Was looking to see if any of my west coast L4P'ers could provide some insights into the scene...
  3. Regional (USA)
    Hi guys - Posted this in another thread a few weeks back, but thought should start a new thread with our weekly meets. Drop by and say hi - We're all Petrolheads & pretty easy going. (I'm the one with the Aston) When: Every Friday 10pm'ish til late Where: At La Paloma in Woodbridge at HWY...
1-3 of 3 Results