clear bra

  1. Good Bye Clear Bra, Hello Matte!!!

    One of our clients has decided it's time to remove the clear bra from his Maserati Granturismo only to have us wrap it in Matte Black. More pictures to come.
  2. Clear Bra Paint Protection Special for March

    Call for Quote and mention "Luxury 4 Play" for "Enrico's Birthday Special" for the Month of March. $100 off Custom Partial Front (Protects front bumper, headlights, partial hood, partial front fenders and mirrors). $200 off Custom Full Front (Protects the front bumper, headlights, full hood...
  3. Clear Bra in New York, New York?

    I have a client looking to get a Clear Bra quote in the New York, New York area. Any references would be appreciated.
  4. Project: GT2 Satin Clear Bra

    Project: GT2 Satin Clear Bra The 3m Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Company is always striving to improve their products, as well as offer more options for the consumer. For those of you that are not familiar with 3m Clear Bra Paint Protection Film, Clear is not your only option these days...
  5. ZR1 Clear Bra Installation

    ZR1 3m Clear Bra Paint Proctection Pictures. The entire ZR1 will be covered with 3m Clear Bra Film, the front bumper, head lights, full hood, front venders, mirrrors, roof, doors, rocker panels, rear fenders, and rear bumper. Before: The painted surface of the ZR1 is thoroughly cleaned prior...
  6. 3m Clear Bra for Ferrari 458 Italia

    Only the best for the Ferrari 458 Italia. Therefore, the MIS 3m Clear Bra Premium Package is for the car enthusiast that wants the best for their vehicle. The MIS Clear Bra Premium Package will provide the maximum paint protection for your vehicle without taking away from the beauty of the your...
  7. Satin White GT-R with Carbon Fiber

    Here we have a White Nissan GT-R and we have installed a Satin Clear Bra on the entire surface of the GT-R. We also wrapped the front grille, mirrors, rocker panels, air inlets, rear spoiler, and rear valiant with carbon fiber vinyl. Clear Bra Paint Protection film is 8mils thicks and is the...
  8. Clear Bra in Progress Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

    This Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M will be protected with Venture Shield Clear Bra. A Full Front Custom installation will be applied which will cover the front bumper, headlights, full hood, full front fenders, and mirrors. Since this is a Full Front Custom installation, no seam will be visible...
  9. SPACES LIMITED - Custom gR3 Vehicle Wraps by SSC

    gR3 is Almost here, and like last year, SS Customs will be there in full effect. We will be sponsoring the rally again this year supplying and installing all the Sponsor Graphics. A big thing last year was themed graphics as was the year before. SSC will be offering its services to a limited...
  10. Paint Correction + Clear-bra on Trashed Porsche Boxster by Unique Car Care!

    This Porsche Boxster belongs to someone that lives in my town that drives by the shop often. After seeing the variety of cars we work on, he decided to stop in to see what we could do with his car to get the paint looking its best. I could tell he was very meticulous about the car, but had been...
  11. Infiniti G37X with Scratch Shield Paint - Complete Detail by Unique Car Care!

    This Infiniti G37X –S was brought in for a complete detail and needed quite a bit of work done to get the exterior looking like new again. The owner had recently purchased the car and was trying his best to maintain the finish properly, but had a mishap at the local self-serve car wash. With...