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  1. Automotive
    In addition to being one of America’s most famous comedians, Jerry Seinfeld also happens to be a car snob of the highest order. His collection of vintage automobiles is so vast that he got the itch to sell a large portion a few years ago. As his fleet is already heavy with Porsches, his favorite...
  2. Vintage & Classics
    Chassis 4039 is a standard production, normal P400S (Miura S) built and sold in both production and model year, 1969. It is one of only 338 similar examples built and the 357th sequential Miura out of a total production run of just 763 examples of all three versions (P400, S & SV.) The initial...
  3. Ferrari
    I've just spotted this gorgeous classic Prancing Horse: a Ferrari 208 GTS Turbo. Lovely. I think that these models will never get old, I mean they stopped aging and became pure classics!What do you think? Sorry about the title, there's an "h" that should not be there!!
  4. Automotive
    Did JP Move your car? Did FAMOUS work on your car? If not your missing out. This is what we call TEAM WORK !!!
1-4 of 4 Results