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  1. Cigars
    It looks like this topic isn't popular in here and posts are years old. Are there any active cigar smokers still here? Let's do a Roll Call. Where are you all from? Virginia here! I am co owner of Clout Cigars a premium boutique brand with 4 different blends sure to please your palet. Check us...
  2. Cigars
    Hey guys I am taking a trip to DR and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or what cigars I can enjoy while I am there. Hoping to pick something up that is not sold in the U.S. Also I am relatively new to cigars so I am looking for something in the Mild or Medium range, I am willing to try...
  3. Cigars
    Okay so I have been relationally smoking cigars for a couple years but nothing serious.. I have a $1 cutter and a bic lighter. Now that summer is coming around and I will be on break from college I am looking to get more serious. I am looking for advice on what to get in terms of a quality...
  4. Cigars
    I'm vacationing in Germany right now and was wondering if anyone knew where and how to get to good cigar place? I'm mostly going to be in Munich, but will be in Salzburg for a couple days.
  5. Cigars
    I am in the market for a new cutter, but I'm pretty picky, and I can't find anything I like. I'd prefer a double guillotine with a big ring gauge. Can anyone suggest something unique? Pics of your own cutters would be greatly appreciated as well.
  6. Cigars
    I found mold on some of my cigars. Oddly enough, it only affected the cubans I have. ALL the cubans i have -_-. Either way, I am not a happy camper. Does anyone have any advice for a mold victim here?
  7. Cigars
    Cigar: Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Size: 6 x 50 (Toro) Wrapper: Corojo Brazil Binder: Corojo Dominican Republic Filler: Corojo Nicaragua & Corojo Dominican Republic Master Blender Jose Dominguez has done it again, with his Triple Corojo wrapper, binder, filler cigar. Rich, hearty flavors and...
1-7 of 8 Results