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  1. Electronics
    You have a choice: you can either buy another beautiful property somewhere or you can invest your money in another, more personal matter. What better way to place it than in the hands of someone who can, in return, present to you a spectacular, state-of-the-art cigar humidor to keep your smokes...
  2. Cigars
    Seems like the cigar forums have died down for whatever reason, but being a newbie to the cigar realm and community, i thought it would be great to resurrect this forum! So let's see everyone's humidor and display your collection of cigars! This is a great way for those of us new BOTLs to see...
  3. Miscellaneous goods
    For sale. Used only a few times. I sold my others on here a while ago and forgot I had this one. $110 shipped USPS Priority Paypal only please. Shipping only to the lower 48 states. PM me if interested Thank you :)
  4. Cigars
    I figured with all the talanted Photographers on here and the cigar aficionados we should have some Cigar Photography (Cigarography) I guess Post up some great shots you have taken or have seen. (Please no cell phone pictures) I'll start off with some I've taken. Instagram @Bsaintmedia...
  5. Cigars
    does anyone know which cigar out there is very close to a cuban?
  6. Cigars
    I'm vacationing in Germany right now and was wondering if anyone knew where and how to get to good cigar place? I'm mostly going to be in Munich, but will be in Salzburg for a couple days.
  7. West
    La Descarga Awesome place in LA. It has this old Cuban look to it. Reservations are recommended. It's a little well kept secret and I'm blowing the lid. It has a small smoking area with a bar filled with sipping rums. The bartender is cute and knows about rums and cigars. Also, the place has...
  8. Cigars
    I am in the market for a new cutter, but I'm pretty picky, and I can't find anything I like. I'd prefer a double guillotine with a big ring gauge. Can anyone suggest something unique? Pics of your own cutters would be greatly appreciated as well.
  9. Cigars
    So as I was perusing the older L4P Cigar posts, I found an interesting post talking about a place called The Havana Room in Beverly Hills. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is an ultra-exclusive indoor cigar club that is..well its just the bees' knees! You have to be a member to get...
  10. Cigars
    I found mold on some of my cigars. Oddly enough, it only affected the cubans I have. ALL the cubans i have -_-. Either way, I am not a happy camper. Does anyone have any advice for a mold victim here?
  11. Cigars
    Took some pictures of my cigar collection. Curious to see, What are L4P's favorite cigars? What is in your humidor right now? What do you plan on getting a box of soon? P.S. I'm also starting a petition for L4P adding a Cigar Section. :lol: I have some: Arturo Fuente Opus X that I've been...
1-11 of 11 Results