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  1. Travel
    We’ve all been there: the clock strikes five and finally the workday is over. You head home, looking forward to some much-needed time off and suddenly, it’s Friday night and realize you have no plans. With the whole weekend ahead of you, what better way to celebrate than with a few libations at...
  2. Automotive
    As far as hood ornaments go, this is a first. A driver in China has been fined by police for fastening a giant teddy bear to the top of his Lamborghini Gallardo. The officer caught the teddy bear enthusiast as he was filming a police documentary in Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan...
  3. Automotive
    In the beginning of 2015 we announced that ADV.1 Asia was open for business taking orders and providing customer support for retail and distribution centers in Asia. Fast forward just a few short months and ADV.1 Asia has a new facility! After months of hard work setting up only the best...
  4. Porsche
    Just wanted to quickly post a video I found of a RWB 993. Even if you don't appreciate RWB the video is still well produced. I hope you all enjoy it. -AJSV
  5. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    DMC Luxury, renowned refiner for Exotic Sports Cars, officially released it's interpretation of a DMC Bentley a few weeks back. The McLaren they introduced prior was already a good indication that the team had set to enter the market of British Noble Marques, and the introduction of this Bentley...
  6. Asian Auto
    This makes me really sad because I am such a massive LFA fan but I think it will be fixed and not a complete loss... Who agrees?
  7. Automotive
    The Vossen World Tour is coming to Asia!! The Vossen World Tour series is a collection of daily video and photo coverage of Vossen cars and events throughout different regions of the world. This first installment of the tour will begin on January 11, 2013 in Japan covering the Tokyo Auto...
  8. Ferrari
    Something is coming for a DMC built, subscribe to stay on top of this beast's progress...
  9. Automotive
    Carlsson C25 Limited Edition is based on the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG and packs a 418hp V8 engine. For china only, 7 units in a limited run. more info + pics - Carlsson Creates a C25 Super GT Limited Edition for China
  10. European Auto
    Rolls-Royce brought an all-new Ghost-based concept to the 2012 Beijing Show along with their Extended Wheelbase Phantom S II. Both are on display now, interiors are ridiculous! For more details/pics: Rolls-Royce Six Senses Concept Creates China-Envy Size Does Matter - Rolls-Royce Phantom...
1-10 of 11 Results