1. Tease Me – Plum Crazy Charger Hellcat by Wheels Boutique

    American Auto
    Plum Crazy Charger Hellcat by Wheels Boutique Usually we demonstrate patience by not revealing a car until a full photoshoot is complete but hell, we couldn’t contain ourselves on this one. Allow this little sneak peek to hold you over until the rest of the jaw-dropping images arrive...
  2. Charger 2008 SRT/8 accelration 50-100 mph

    American Auto
    Hello L4p members i upload a video before months on my channel it's a dodge charger accelration from 50-100 mph the modes installed is just stroker so i decide to share it with you and maybe subscribe to my channel :D Youtube <strong> Have a nice day everybody Mahmoud :o
  3. SAdesign: Project STEEL WOLF | 2011 Charger

    American Auto
    2011 Dodge Charger R/T Here's a little taste of the Charger we have in the shop right now. Our customer purchased this car a month ago certified pre-owned. Came with the wheels but that was it. He wanted a new different look and here's what we came up with. A little teaser of things to come. TO...
  4. Really Cool *Just Rust* Artwork--Exotics Edition

    A buddy of mine from Europe is doing some really cool work that I have not seen anywhere else. Stuff rocks IMHO. Would not normally think of have "rust" in my house of office, but this stuff is just amazing looking. Check it out. More Here: Just Rust Amazing Artwork album by DoctaM3 «...
  5. Should i get this 2007 charger Hemi for only $6k?

    American Auto
    ok guys here's the deal, i found this ad on craigslist for this 2007 Dodge Charger Hemi. The owner said that it needs an engine flush and a little body work, and these repairs should cost $1500-$2000. If that is true, and if the car is running strong, is it worth it for me to go and fix it and...
  6. Monster Energy Charger

    American Auto
    Last weekend I stopped by Savini Forged and took some pictures of Nick's Dodge Charger R/T. I am no professional but enjoy taking photos. Let me know what you think. IMG_0622-2 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_0632-2 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_0641 by MODLyfe, on Flickr IMG_0642 by MODLyfe, on...
  7. My SRT8 & Intro

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    New member here, first post, but I've been browsing for a while. LOVE THE SITE! I'm starting my freshman year at the University of Missouri in about two weeks, majoring in computer science. I drive an 08 Charger SRT8, and mods include MOPAR exhaust & CAI, and 5% tint. I'd share more info...