1. Bugatti Popping Bottles with Champagne Carbon

    What goes better with expensive super-luxury cars than other super-luxury goods? Nothing. Which is why Bugatti and Champagne Carbon have combined to bottle a special Bugatti bubbly. And they're both local companies, both coming from France's Grand Est region. "We are thrilled to have the chance...
  2. Stop Everything! Here's a Champagne Machine Gun

    You read that right: a Champagne Machine Gun exists, and (of course) a Miami-based company made it! Imagine the delight of a pump-action water gun combined delicious, godly nectar of a an expensive bottle of champagne. It’s almost too good a combination to resist! Created by Jeremy Touitou, the...
  3. Gold Champagne : Luxor

    Hi, I used the search tool to see if anybody had ever create a thread about this but apparently no. We have ever seen the gold on champagne products with the Armand de Brignac bottles but here the gold is not on the bottle but directly in the drink, let's have a look. So I would like to...