challenger srt-8

  1. VIDEO: Dodge Challenger SRT-8's in Action! Wheelspins, Accelerations & More SOUNDS!

    American Auto
    Check out a couple of Dodge Challenger SRT-8's in some action at different car events! If you are a fan of American muscle cars, this is definitely your type of video. It includes a couple of wheelspins, a lot of accelerations and more sounds!
  2. VIDEO: Stanced 600HP Supercharged Dodge Challenger SRT-8 BURNOUT! 'Smoky Baby!'

    American Auto
    This Dodge Challenger SRT-8 is definitely not an 'average' Challenger. It is a so-called 'Mongoose' edition, stanced and it is supercharged, with as a result a massive 600 HP! This video includes the rather quiet arrival and the massive burnout when leaving the event!
  3. VIDEO: BIG Dodge Challenger (SRT-8) Meeting in Holland! LOUD Revs, BURNOUTS & More!

    American Auto
    We had the privilege to be present at this BIG meetup of Dutch Dodge Challengers a couple of weeks ago! We had the oppurtunity to film all the Challengers in some cool action, doing burnouts, revs and more epic stuff!
  4. VIDEO: LOUD Dodge Challenger SRT-8 w/ Mopar Exhaust! BURNOUT, DONUT, Revs & More!

    American Auto
    e had an amazing video shoot with a bunch of Dodge Challengers a while ago and this black Dodge Challenger SRT-8 fitted with a custom Mopar exhaust system was definitely one of the LOUDEST! The video includes the Challenger doing several revs, a burnout, donut and a lot more! ENJOY!
  5. VIDEO: LOUD Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 Hemi! BURNOUTS, Revs & More SOUNDS!

    American Auto
    So we had an awesome videoshoot a while ago with this LOUD Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 with a 6.4L Hemi! What an epic day it was. This video includes the Challenger SRT-8 doing several burnouts, revs and a lot more. Are you a fan of American muscle power and specifically this Dodge Challenger? We...
  6. VIDEO: Dodge Challenger SRT-8 & Charger R/T w/ Custom Exhaust System! Loud SOUNDS!

    American Auto
    Check out two different Dodge Challenger SRT-8's and a poison green Charger R/T doing several accelerations! All three of them have a custom exhaust system which makes them sound even better! What do you think of the cars and their exhaust sound?