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  1. South/Southwest
    WHEN: April 16th, 2016 8am-12pm(Roll in starts at 7:30am) WHERE: Prescott Gateway Mall 3250 Prescott Blvd, Prescott, Arizona 86303 INFO: We are looking for unique, special interest, rare and limited run vehicles that embody the automotive lifestyle and passion: CLASSICS/MUSCLE (Mustang Boss...
  2. Supercars
    I'd like to share with you the video of the Cars and Coffee that took place yesterday evening in Turin, Italy. Some great cars showed up, including a McLaren MP4-12C, some Ferraris, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG... A great event that is starting to gain attention! Enjoy!
  3. West
    There are three C&C events (that I know of) ocurring over the next two weekends. Please add to the list if I am missing anything! Canepa Design Cars and Coffee: 8am-12pm on Saturday Aug 11, Scotts Valley, CA Club Auto Sport Cars and Caffeine: 9am-1pm on Saturday Aug 11, San Jose, CA Almaden...
  4. West
    This is for everyone that wants to go to the HRE Open House at the HRE HQ in Vista (San Diego area) on July 14th that wants to have a little fun before this awesome event. This event is one of the biggest car gatherings in SoCal of the year, and this is a way to get down there without taking...
  5. Automotive
    It's up! You guys probably saw me running around with my two tripods and slider but the results are here!
  6. Events
    The 25 of March Cars And Coffee Torino held its first meet!This is the first gathering for the C&C series in Italy!And it has been quite an amazing start: 65 cars were there including a McLaren MP4-12C, a Dodge Viper GTS Coupè, a Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R, tons of Corvettes, Lotus, Porsches...
  7. Supercars
    Hey guys! Today was the Cars & Coffee day in Paris, organized by EAP. I made a little video for you to enjoy. You be the judge... I know the music isn't everyone's favorite thing but hey.. And some pictures as well! Hope you like it...
  8. McLaren
    I've made a video of a McLaren MP4-12C that I hope you all will enjoy. I like the styling of the vehicle, but would prefer it look a tad more aggressive. Does anyone know of anyone doing styling customizations for these yet? I'm thinking something like what Liberty Walk does for Lamborghini...
  9. Ferrari
    There was a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta at Cars and Coffee Dallas recently. It's pretty amazing to see one in person as there were only 80 made. claims it's "The Most Exclusive Ferrari Ever". I'm not sure how that was determined, but I do like the styling elements and that it does 0 to...
  10. West
    Yes the McLaren MP4-12C was there and along side was the rolling chassis of the MP4-12C so we could see what is under the skin of the car. I would rather go for the Saleen S7 that was parked right next to my Corvette convertible. The Saleen S7 is my kind of car! There were so many cars there on...
  11. Corvette/Viper
    I thought I would show you guys what the Dodge Viper scene is like at Cars and Coffee in Dallas, Texas. I did my best to capture all the Vipers arriving and launching. There were quite a few ACR Vipers that day. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  12. American Auto
    I personally like the Ariel Atom. I think its light weight, acceleration, cornering, and the overall "baby F1 car" look it has going on rock. I saw some of these in person, so I figured I'd share. I wish I would have had a go kart like this when I was a kid, lol. What do you think of the Atom?
  13. European Auto
    I saw this red Alfa Romero 8C Competizione at Cars and Coffee in Dallas and someone told me only 82 of these were brought into the USA. Any idea how true that is? Also, I love the vanity plate on car :)
  14. Aviation
    I would like to cordially invite all Helicopter owners to display your aircraft at Cars & Copters 2 Where: Plymouth Municipal Airport, Plymouth MA When: September 19th 2010 This show is to benefit The Jimmy Fund. Videos & Photos of last years show in the Main Thread Here: L4P Cars & Copters...
  15. West
    Here are some pics from Cars and Coffee this past weekend. anyone else there?? Did you see the LFA or the SLR? :bow:
  16. European Auto
    You guys seemed to enjoy the other video I posted of this M3, so I got even more audio and flybys :) This is one great sounding BMW!
  17. European Auto
    I got some sweet video of a silver V10 Audi R8 arriving, parking, and launching at Cars and Coffee in Dallas. The car sounds great (better than the V8 Audi R8) and I love the styling of the wheels. Also, the little kid in this car with his dad is truly "Living The Dream", lol. :clap: Seeing...
  18. Southeast
    this is a car meet that show all of the cars from jacksonville fl, it is actually called automotive addicts. here is the address Wild Wing Café 4555 Southside BLVD. Jacksonville, FL 32216 they meet every second saturday of the month.
  19. Mid West
    It's officially time to start taking off those car covers, waxing those rides and bringing them out for the 2010 season of Supercar Saturdays! During the off season we have worked hard on trying to make this the best event possible for its attendees, including a brand new website that should be...
  20. Automotive
    I saw this Gallardo recently and I'm wondering which model it is. It doesn't have the super angular front clip like the current production models do. I'm thinking it might be a 2006 or 2007? Experts please chime in. Thanks =)
1-20 of 27 Results