cars and coffee dallas

  1. 2 TT Gallardos - Sweet Sounds and Sights!

    Some of you may know that Dallas Performance is now putting out Twin Turbo Gallardos. I got some video of 2 recently. A quick video of the black one and much more video of the yellow with some strong revs. The black Gallardo does 1050 whp on race fuel, now sure about the yellow.
  2. Ferrari Combo: FF and 458 Italia

    I LOVE this combo! The Silver FF giving engine revs and then rolling out with its cousin the Red 458 Italia!
  3. Lamborgini Diablo SV Video: Start-up, Flyby, Engine Sound

    I got some footage of this black Lambo Diablo SV with bold yellow "SV" insignia. No matter how many new Lambos come out, I still love the Diablo. I especially like this one as it's rocking the massive lettering :clap: What do you think of it?
  4. Ferrari FF Video - A Hatchback Supercar?

    I've seen pictures of the Ferrari FF on the internet for months and have tried to decide if I like the look. I've now seen the car in person and I'm not really feeling the styling. What do you guys think? Is it a good looking car?
  5. Video: Spyker C8 Laviolette SuperExotic - Engine Note

    Here's some video and audio of a black Spyker C8 Laviolette. I don't know about you, but these aren't seen (and heard) every day, so I figured I'd post it. What do you think of the engine note?
  6. Video: Mean Engine Sounds from Maserati GranSport

    Grabbed some video of this silver Maserati Gransport with smoked taillights driving. The car sounds so mean! And I love that it's followed by a Mustang GT for a Europe vs USA engine note showdown :clap: Which car do you think sounds better?
  7. Video: White Aventador with Black Wheels - Flyby

    I finally saw an Aventador, and got a bit of video. Figured I'd share, as it was an exciting moment! The crowds around this Lambo at Cars and Coffee Dallas were unbelievable :) I think it sounds great during the flyby and I like that it looks somewhat like the Reventon, but in a full production...
  8. Car Nutz CLS 55 AMG V8 Kompressor - CMC Signature Edition with Carbon Fiber Roof

    I wanted to share this Benz. It's a Car Nutz Custom CLS 55 AMG CMC Signature Edition prepared for TWCompetition. I really like the carbon fiber roof (haven't seen many of these) and the black accents. What do you think of the car?
  9. Kid Revs 580 Horsepower Corvette Like A Champ

    American Auto
    Seeing this cracked me up. This kid can barely see over the dash, but he's revving the heck out of this GT2 Series Corvette:) Gotta love the stuff you see at Cars and Coffee!
  10. Mystery Supercar Video. What is it?

    European Auto
    Would you guys please provide insight on the make and model of this supercar? I saw it at Cars and Coffee, but I'm not sure what it is. Gracias!
  11. Chevy Camaro 2SS/RS by ADM Performance

    American Auto
    Such a sick Camaro with an epic vanity plate: NVME!
  12. Video: Overzealous Cops at Cars and Coffee

    I was at Cars and Coffee Dallas and saw this classic car get pulled over. It seems the cops were out of line in this case. The guy did not break the posted speed limit and one almost gets the sense that he was pulled over simply because he has a nicer car than the officer will ever own. What...
  13. Matte Black Caddilac CTS

    American Auto
    I caught a short glimpse of a matte black Caddilac CTS with matte black wheels. What do you guys think of it?
  14. Video: Z06 on Nitrous (^_^)

    This tricked out Z06 Vette with nitrous at Cars and Coffee it really caught lots of people's attention. It sounds SICK! Figured I'd share it. BTW, what do you guys think of putting NOS in a muscle car? I typically think of that as in import move.
  15. Diablo with Wild Custom Paint Job

    I'm interested to know what you guys think about this Lamborghini Diablo I saw recently. On one hand, the devilish pant job fits the general motif of the car (model name, power, aggressive styling, etc.) On the other hand there's "Ed Hardy-esqe" about it. :D What do you think? Does the paint...