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  1. Ferrari
    Last saturday, I attended a trackday at Monza's circuit, in Italy; among the others, two Ferrari LaFerrari were there, a black one and a red one. In my video you can clearly see the black one driving in full electric mode entering the pitlane and then firing up its V12 engine. But Ferrari stated...
  2. European Auto
    I have been able to attend the 2014 Vanishing Point, the official Pagani Owners Club Meet that is taking place in Italy. Among the group a few cars stand up: a 1 of 5 Zonda Cinque Roadster, a 1 of 3 Zonda Tricolore and the one and only Zonda 760 LM! Here's the video... Enjoy!
  3. McLaren
    I have been able to film the only McLaren P1 that has been sold in Italy. The car has been heavily customized by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to suit the owner's taste and the end result is stunning: the color is the same of the Porsche 911 (997) GT3RS Mk1 and all the decorations remind of...
  4. Porsche
    If you are a true Porsche 911 fan you cannot miss this video: in less than 3 minutes you'll be able to hear the sound of pretty much every generation! It's very nice to hear the differences between various models: which is your favourite note? Enjoy!
  5. Lamborghini
    I had the rare opportunity to see in person the most controversial Lamborghini ever: the one-off Egoista. The car is amazing in real life, much nicer than how it appears in photos: the bodywork creates a real "fighter jet" feeling that is simply stunning! The only part that is a bit overboard is...
  6. Supercars
    I have been lucky enough to spot this amazing Pagani Zonda F Roadster being driven around Monaco. This particular Zonda, chassis #76095, is fitted with the Clubsport package and it's finished with exposed carbon fiber! My first Zonda F and I have to say it looks spectacular! Enjoy!
  7. McLaren
    Yesterday McLaren Automotive released on their Facebook page three photos of the P1's interior: we can now finally see how the whole is gonna look like! I just wanted to know everyone's opinion here: what do you think about it? IMO it is nice, track focused, "all business" but still a bit too...
  8. Ferrari
    I spotted two brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Monaco: they must be ones of the very first that came out from the factory ( I wonder when the owner placed the order...)! One is finished in the best color available for a Ferrari: the Giallo Tristrato. I think this color is particularly...
  9. MBZ
    I seriously think that the V8 AMG engine produces one of the best sound ever. Even the new 5.5 liters twin turbo engine sounds great! I can't wait to hear the roar of a brand new SLS Black Series! Enjoy!
  10. Supercars
    I'd like to share with you the video of the Cars and Coffee that took place yesterday evening in Turin, Italy. Some great cars showed up, including a McLaren MP4-12C, some Ferraris, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG... A great event that is starting to gain attention! Enjoy!
  11. Ferrari
    I have been able to place my GoPro Hero2 inside a Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge which was doing some laps at Imola racetrack during a Pistenclub trackday! You can see it doing some hotlaps and racing other cars! It must be such an amazing experience driving a car finely tuned for the track... I'd...
  12. Automotive
    I caught on tape many new models that will come sooner or later testing on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife; my video includes images of: Mercedes SLS Black Series, Jaguar F-Type and track oriented XKR-S, new Bmw M3 and M6 Grancoupé... Enjoy!!
  13. Lotus
    I've been lucky enough to spot this brand new Lotus Exige S V6 on the road in Monaco: I think it's one of the very first exemples on the road! When I first saw this car in photos and even at the Geneva Motorshow I tought that it was too big...but in reality it just maintains the Lotus feeling...
  14. Ferrari
    Is there anything better than spending your holiday in MonteCarlo with your Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, the most noisy modern Ferrari which is also rare (80 built)? I don't think... That's why yesterday I spotted 2 SA Aperta in the Principauté! A yellow/black one and a blue/white/red one: both...
  15. Supercars
    Monaco seems to be the Veyron's land: in just one day I spotted three of them!! The Sang Bleu (one off), a "normal" 16.4 Bronze/Black and a Silver/Black 16.4 with newer headlights. I just love the Veyron because of its amazing road-presence: it doesn't scream like a Ferrari, it does not even try...
  16. MBZ
    I've been lucky enough to spot this awesome Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss in Monaco! This was my first Stirling Moss, I had never saw one: in pictures it always seemed to me like exagerated and silly...but in real life it just looks awesome! A spaceship that is extremely classy at the...
  17. Ferrari
    I've been lucky enough to witness one of the most crazy creatures in the world: the one-off Gemballa Mig-U1. This thing is based on a Ferrari Enzo and it looks totally sick: I'm not a fan of extreme tuning but this airplane is just awesome IMO. Enjoy this beast!!
  18. BMW
    This incredible concept car was built by BMW as a celebration for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich!!I think it's quite funny to see now concepts coming from past generations...It makes you think how cars change through years! Enjoy!
  19. Lamborghini
    Two legends together! An incredible Miura SV/J, one of just five ever produced, plus the famous Lamborghini ex-chief test driver, Mr Valentino Balboni! I have been quite happy to finally get to see him... Enjoy!
  20. Lamborghini
    At least once a day you must get some!ahah I really like the LP700-4 and so I decided to make up this nice and easy compilation about some sounds of the V12 and some crazy combos around Monaco!Enjoy!
1-20 of 27 Results