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  1. Lamborghini
    So, this is my 1st Lamborghini photo shoot. I was lucky enough to get exclusive access to the tunnel after it was done and JUST before it was open to the public. Wheels by Nessen Forged. There is one more coming soon!
  2. Photography
    So I took the day of and flew from LA to Vegas and back and got through the show in one day. No one new I was even gone so that's a good thing except My twitter with the free stripper and limo ride to and from the show. 1:55 got her handled the did what I love to do Look at some of the best cars...
  3. Photography
    So the weather was pretty crappy last weekend in Vegas. There were some mean clouds rolling in, so I figured that I would bust out my strobes and do a quick shoot of my pride and joy! A 1999 BMW M3. Enjoy. :)
  4. Photography
    I shot a couple of 350Z's for practice as I was trying out some new gear. Free photos for them, and some practice for me. Win-win lol! Here are the results.
  5. Photography
    Hello guys these are photos of the cars I spotted during my recent trip to Paris, For more please like my Facebook page you can also check my Flickr
  6. Photography
    Hi All Finished revamping the site , keen to hear your thoughts , let me know what you think Thanks Dyl Dylan Laubscher Photography | Professional Creative Photography | Durban, South Africa
1-6 of 6 Results