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    This guy was driving his BMW M3 down a mountain road, drifted around a corner—and off a cliff.  Thankfully, both the passenger and driver only suffered minor injuries—testament to it's incredible German engineering. Watch and cringe:
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    Nurburgring  is one of the most notoriously challenging race courses in the world on a good day. When it’s hailing and the weather turns nasty, it gets even worse. Dozens of racecars crashed and were ruined this weekend while massive hail chunks and torrential rain pelted the world famous Ring...
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    We're only part-way through 2016, and already, we've seen our fair share of supercar crashes. Here's Youtube User  AVCH 's Idiot Supercar Drivers 2016 video, which shows some of the best ones of the year so far. Check it as they wreck it:
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    Formula 3 driver Peter Li Zhi Cong had a massive crash at the 2016 FIA Formula 3 in race one at the Red Bull Ring  in Spielberg—and walked away with only broken heel bones. He was almost immediately airlifted to hospital with suspected head and back injuries along with his  team-mate American...
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    So. Ummm. This just happened. In the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya , Lewis Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg were in second and first positions respectively when this massive collision went down. Watch this and tell us whose fault do you think this is.... Either way, Mercedes is going to be...
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    On day two of day of last weekend's   Targa Tasmania  rally held Down Under, driver Tony Quinn decided to put his Highlands Huracan by leaving the road and driving over a bank just bordering the course. While he says in the video below that his stunt was deliberate, it shocked and confused...
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    Driver Sacha Bottemanne crashed his Ferrari 458 GT3 into a wall going about 230 km/h during the GT Tour race at Nogaro (Coupe de Paques)—and climbed out of the wrecked car through the windshield. Incredibly, he walked away with only a few bruises. Watch it here:
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    No. Words. We're just glad no one got hurt here... Things could've been way way worse.
1-8 of 8 Results