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  1. Photography
    Hey guys, I'm constantly on this forum and see all the amazing cars, watches, and photography. From what has been posted over the few years I've been here has made me get into photography more. I've had a Canon Rebel XTi with the standard 18-55mm lens & the 55-200mm lens that has met my needs...
  2. McLaren
    A few random images from the Mclaren Connecticut dealership Unveiling . Thank you for looking .
  3. Automotive
    After some new camera equipment arrived in the mail today I had go out and play. Here's the result of a quick test with Darryl Grant's new STi. Let's shoot some exotics next!
  4. Miscellaneous goods
    Selling my Sigma 10-20mm Lens purchased on June 3rd and loved using every bit of it! I just upgraded to a 5d Mark ii So it is no longer comparable with it. It will fit Any canon that accepts EF-S lens. I have been using it with my 7D. Comes with lens cap, Lens case, and BOX. Looking to get...
  5. Photography
    I decided to start this thread to share some of my best pictures here on L4P. I'm more into videography and just recently started photography, so I'm still learning and hoping to get better. Would be great to get some feedback, especially from the professionals. Hope you enjoy...
  6. Photography
    I just bought myself a Canon EOS 450D with the normal 18-55mm lens. Anyone of you have this 70-300mm lens or does anyone know if it's any good?
1-6 of 7 Results