1. Canada Gets its Own Special Edition McLaren 570S Spider

    McLaren  has teamed up with its Canadian distributor, Pfaff Automotive Partners, to create a special 570S Spider that celebrates the automaker’s history in Canada. Called the McLaren 570S Spider Canada Commission, the special sports car features unique design elements that pay tribute to...
  2. The Barn on this Luxury Farm Holds An Incredibly Fun Secret

    Real Estate
    Located on 100 acres of land in Ontario, Canada, this farm is as luxurious as it is strange. In fact it’s so luxurious that even its name reflects its lux status — it’s called Luso Valley (‘luso’ means ‘luxury’ in Italian). The magnificent property sits amid lush forestry and beautiful wildlife...
  3. This Insanely Luxurious Hotel in the Middle of Nowhere is A Peaceful Dream

    By “middle of nowhere” we actually mean the Fogo Island Inn. Located in Newfoundland, Canada, Fogo Island is an ideal location for anyone wanting to escape the chokehold of city life. You won’t find a single chain or brand name store on the island. Home to only 2,000 inhabitants, the island...
  4. CANADA vs USA - Sochi Mens Hockey Semifinal

    Lets do thisss. Who else is watching?
  5. VIDEO: Supercar drive through the Rocky Mountains in Canada; Ferrari 355 Challenge, Porsche Carrera GT & more!

    Last weekend my friend and I were invited on a group drive from Calgary, Canada through the Rocky Mountains, to the ski resort of Mt. Norquay for brunch. I put a bunch of GoPro's on some of the cars and made a video. Enjoy the sights and sounds as we drive through the prairies and then into the...
  6. Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution by Edo Competition returns to ZR Auto!

    Last Thursday, I went over to ZR Auto in Calgary to see Zahir Rana's Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution by Edo Competition. This is the same Enzo that took the plunge into the Atlantic Ocean during the Targa Newfoundland Rally in 2011. I think the guys at Edo Competition did a great job restoring the...
  7. ZR Auto's Ferrari Enzo ZXX back home in Calgary.

    I took a trip over to ZR Auto yesterday to see Zahir Rana's Ferrari Enzo ZXX. He just got the car back from Edo Competition on Tuesday. I've got a story for with photos that'll be up tomorrow, but for now here's a video of the ZXX that I shot.
  8. Supercars of Toronto

    I used to live in Toronto, but moved away in 2004. During the summer of 2011 I went back to have a look at what has changed. One of the biggest changes for me was the number of supercars in Toronto. In this video you can see a selection of the supercars I have seen during my stay. I hope you...
  9. Ferrari F40 crashes in Vancouver in wet

    A very sad sad scene of a F40 in vancouver when a guy crashed it over the weekend.
  10. Toronto Automotive Photographer checking in with brand new redesign website!

    Hello everyone, after lurking on this forum over the past two years I would like to make a new post with a little self introduction about myself. I am a local freelance photography specializing in automotive photography over the past few years and my major clients includes Toyota Canada, BMW...
  11. Pics from Ferrari Cruise happened on Aug 26, 2012 around toronto

    28 Ferrari's and a aston martin showed up from this all exclusive cruise organised by the ferrari club canada which i was very glad to be a part of thanks to mario for letting me ride in his 355 and yes there was a rare f40 that came out as well. enjoy the pics. check out the full album some...
  12. Attention Toronto, Ontario Supercar Owners! The Supercar Kids Magazine needs a subject!

    Hey everyone, As some of you may know, last month marked the launch of my most recent venture, The Supercar Kids magazine, based out of London, UK. Despite being based in London, we feature articles, photoshoots and event coverage from around the world - It's my job to cover Canada. The...
  13. Legal In Canada?

    So I've been shopping around for new fancy headlights for a new Jeep Wrangler. I've finally found a nice add on to make the lights look perfect but I'm not sure if their legal in Canada or Alberta. If any of you guys would know and let me know I would appreciate in. The lights are the RED Oracle...
  14. - Might Come Visit You Guys For This - Miami -

    I guess Gotham Dream Cars (are they a sponsor? sounds familiar) are running some deal to drive some exotics and my buddy is heading down anyways. Might tag along to drive some! Could be a fun little trip. We can usually get great deals from Canada or dirt cheap from Detroit to head down to...
  15. New to L4P, from Canada!

    hey everyone, i was just recently introduced to the site by m5rsaptin. I dont know many people here yet, still trying to figure out stuff. From London Ontario, Canada, just 2 hours away from Toronto, an amazing place for cars! I go to Toronto a lot to scope out cars, talk to owners, go to car...