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    2011 Cadillac CTS-V | 20x12 20x9.5 Teaser
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    I'm in the process of customizing my new Cadillac. Wish I could have done gR this year in it. Check out the L4P badges!
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    [URL="[/URL] This ain't your daddy's Caddy! A fan favorite, and the last thing any German sedan want's to see in its rear view mirrors. The horsepower race is alive and well. 556 ponies on tap, 6-Speed manual; Yes a third pedal ladies and gents! Gnarly and throaty supercharged V8 borrowed from...
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    From the Fathers Day Car Show hosted by Lou La Vie. Definitely a "fluff" piece... but cool none the less... Enjoy! Best, John
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    Hard to say, really. The price point is rumored to be just beneath the Tesla, but I've learned that the same -or similar- drivetrain from the Volt (yes, that embarrassing attempt by GM to make an electric car that only sold 3000 units this year:whistle:). More info and pictures on my blog: For...
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    Cadillac is coming out strong @ Monterey with the debut of what could possibly be the sexiest convertible ever designed. The Cadillac Ciel. A four door convertible concept, it is a pillarless design that, frankly, Lincoln should have come up with long ago. The thing is pure sex. Cadillac...
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    I caught a short glimpse of a matte black Caddilac CTS with matte black wheels. What do you guys think of it?
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    Our friends at Automotive Addicts were on Scene at Amelia Island Councours this year and got tons of great coverage. Establishing great relationships with other Automotive Enthusiasts is the key to a great forum. Awesome work guys. :clap: This year’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was a big...
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    I don't HAVE to sell but I would like to. This is one, if not the best deals online for a lower mileage '04 Escalade. That doesn't even include the Gold Package, the 24" wheels, etc. You will not find another one like this unless you were to pay 20k or MORE - Just look around on Craigslist or...
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    Psycho Mike Buys A Caddy And Ditches The Stock Wheels - by: Lightning (KROQ) Psycho Mike Buys A Caddy And Ditches The Stock Wheels – KROQ FM – The World Famous KROQ "Mike called me just before Christmas gloating about his new purchase. A 2011 Cadillac CTS. Black on black. But the gloating...
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    Just another day here at Al & Eds West LA. 2010 Cadillac Escalade with a couple of upgrades. 24" Gianelle Speiza 6 305/35 R 24 Pirelle Scorpzero Superchips reprogrammer Volant Performance cold air intaker Custom Super Sprint Exhaust NavTv VIM interface USA Spec PAGM20 ipod interface Thanks...
    Check out the cars that were transported on 2/24 From left to right: 57 Chevy (owned byJP Logistics & Motorsports) 55 Chevy (owned by JP Logistics & Motorsports) 57 Bentley S-1 Coupe (owned by Vantage Motors in Miami, FL) 10 Ferrari California (owned by Corey Maggette of the Warriors) Ferrari...