1. Looking for a used Gallardo

    Looking around for a used Gallardo for hopefully around 100K. I'll look at anything, has to have touch screen though (no base model). After a quick search, I found these online. Would like it to be 2004 or newer. 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, Used Cars For Sale - 2004...
  2. Looking to BUY a modified Range Rover Supercharger or Autobiography

    Land Rover
    I am interested in purchasing a modified, White with black wheels and black accessories or ALL blacked out Range Rover Supercharger or Autobiography ASAP. I have looked at 2010 to present models. I am open, just looking for something pretty unique in terms of overall style. Ready to buy...
  3. Interested in an E46... reward offered

    I already created a post concerning the pre-purchase knowledge I should be aware of before buying an E46 M3. The only change is that I want to buy..ASAP, and I'm willing to offer a reward to anyone who helps me do so. If there is anyone that is a dealer, knows one, or has access to cars...
  4. Purchasing Supercar... Your thoughts and opinoins will be considered

    Hey everyone, I'm on the verge of buying a new supercar, budget it around 150 K absolute max around 165K. I was thinking about something track capable (mind you im trading a viper ACR for the new one) so that rules out, astons and such. What is the car you think I should buy given my...