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  1. Photography
    I currently am in the works of a new company that involves both photographers and their clientele, and I need some questions answered (or just opinions). First off is there a big demand for photos of exotic and luxury automobiles? Secondly, is there a market for pictures of boats specifaclly...
  2. Northeast
    What would be a good Part-time Job dealing with High End Cars in NY Please Let Me Know And I have Experience
  3. Real Estate
    I am a University student, residing in Ontario, with a born passion for real estate. I have been thinking of starting a custom home building company for a while now and have a few questions: 1. Does anyone own a company that builds custom homes (or is in general home construction) and could...
  4. East Coast
    Hey everyone, I am new to L4P and the car world because I have just become a licensed driver a couple months ago. However, I am extremely passionate about cars and the business surround them. I know that a lot of people on the forum, besides being car enthusiasts, are successful in various...
  5. Real Estate
    Those of you in the L4P community who have made the leap from real estate agent/broker to brokerage owner either as a franchisee or built an original brand can you share your story? I'm from Iowa, I know Iowa right?! I'm recent college grad and I'm currently interviewing for a Apprenticeship...
  6. Automotive
    Hi L4P! It would mean A LOT of you guys could help me out with a research project that I'm working on. I am trying to understand the operational and day to day frustrations of the garage business. Here are some tasks that I NEED to have accomplished: 1. Reach out and talk to professionals in...
1-6 of 28 Results