RENNtech just wrapped up yet another Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. As many enthusiasts know, the SLR McLaren packs quite a punch in stock form. However, only a select few have experienced what RENNtech can do to transform the SLR into an absolute animal. This particular rare example is so raw...
  2. VIDEO: EPIC Ford GT BURNOUT, REVS and More!! LOUD Sounds!

    Check out this EPIC Ford GT doing a BURNOUT, REVS and more! In the video this epic Ford GT first arrives at the event, does some revs and when leaving the event, the Ford GT does an epic burnout! The exhaust sound of this Ford GT is astonishing and the car itself is a true American beast in our...
  3. BMW M3 attempting burnout at Wheels and Meals meet

    The meet was great and a lot of nice cars showed up. Took this video and thought I'd share it. Love the sound it makes, not sure on what kind of exhaust is equipped on the car though. Click here to watch: BMW M3 Attempting Burnout at Wheels & Meals Meet - YouTube
  4. Wicked Hennesey Viper Burnout

    Found this old video I just uploaded of a wild viper burnout.
  5. VIDEO: trying to get my M3 out of my snowy driveway in NH

    We were hit pretty hard by Nemo all weekend, ~2ft of snow and much taller snow drifts. Today was the day I started excavation. Right now I have summer tires that are not-so-new.
  6. Ferrar 348 ts burnout

  7. F50 burnout

    One of my favorite Ferrari's burning out
  8. EPIC 2011 Camaro Burnout Plank

    trading my beautiful green machine in tomorrow so I decided to have a little fun before it goes away :) 2011 Camaro SS Burnout PLANK - YouTube
  9. Matte Black SLR 722s Burnout! - Video

    722s burning some rubber!
  10. >>> Sick GTO Burnout + 522 HP Camaro <<<

    More great vids from this weekend's Cars and Coffee in Dallas. 1) Killer burnout by Pontiac GTO. This is how a burnout should be done. Don't you agree? 2) An LS3 Camaro with 522 Horsepower at the wheels! Very Strong.