1. Big Easy Bandits Rally Team Profile

    Hey guys, I am doing a rally this summer called Bullrun, which I have done for the past three years. did an awesome team profile on us, and I wanted to share it. Like us on facebook to follow our adventure!
  2. Big Easy Bandits Rally Team Launch Video!

    I'm rallying in the Bullrun this year and have been since 2009. Check out the promo video we made for our team this year! Ricky Chancey and Billy Blatty. We're looking to take home the title again this year just like we did in 2010! What do you all think? Also, follow us on facebook for updates...
  3. A Bentley GT did the entire Bullrun rally on 22" D2FORGED Wheels!!!

    Wheels & Tires
    First of all the owner did a trip from Canada to even start the rally. Then he did the entire Bullrun rally on the 22" D2FORGED MB2 wheels without any issues whatsoever! Our friends at were repping D2FORGED hard on the Bullrun rally this year ... in a Bentley ... on some sick 22"...
  4. BullRun 2011, The Full Story.

    Here is a link to the article that I wrote, on one page and not broken up. BullRun... the one word that strikes countless feelings and emotions into your body at once. Ecstasy, Fear, Absolute Happiness, and Adrenaline just to name a few. A Relaxing...
  5. It's Official

    JP Logistics is the official transport provider for Bullrun JP Logistics comes onboard as Official Bullrun Transportation Service | Bullrun: Rallying the World
  6. Audi R8 with V12 TDI Swap!?!? Bullrun 2011

    Audi R8 with V12 TDI Swap!?!? w/PIX! Bullrun 2011 I don't have any engine bay pictures yet. But Phil Aya and Nick Steinman (Last year brought an M3 to the rally), Bought a V10 R8 and put everything they possibly could into it. 2 Police Scanners, a CB radio, 2 sets of blockers and jammers, two...
  7. HELP! Who lives near Sacramento!? Cobra R help!

    My friend Rob Ferretti is going to buy a Cobra R that he has never seen before, have it shipped to Vegas, and drive from Vegas to Miami on the BullRun. I NEED SOMEONE'S HELP. Who knows a trusted shop that can look at the Cobra R? He needs to know if it needs new brakes, belts, service, etc...
  8. BULLRUN 2011: Team ER returns with ‘Godzilla,’ stronger and meaner than ever before!

    “Run, it’s Godzilla!” is a phrase that is going to be all too true on this year’s Bullrun rally. Last year, Seth Rose and Tony King brought a brand new Nissan GT-R sponsored by Hudson Jeans on the rally, and they proved to be serious contenders for the Bullrun Navigator Award. ‘Godzilla’ will be...

    ONE SEAT FOR SALE FOR THE 2011 BULLRUN RALLY! I am selling one seat on our team for $5,000. The car we will be rallying in. 2009 BMW M3 Coupe (E92) Matte Silver Vinyl Wrap Lightweight competition wheels Lots of performance mods (check the build thread for specifics) 465HP Added fuel cell...
  10. Help needed deciding between two Defenders.

    Land Rover
    Vehicle 1). 1984 Rebuilt Defender 110 RHD double cab in vesuvius orange, built on a galvanised chassis with a galvanised bulkhead, XS interior, Alloys, Tinted Glass, Air con, heated front seats, long range fuel tank, black mohair rear canopy, swing away wheel carrier. Powered by an economical...
  11. 2011 BullRun Rally

    The Bullrun 2011 Rally is just a few months away, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! This year the World famous Bullrun rally will be heading returning to its roots this year, and wil be heading south. With this year’s rally starting and ending in two of the biggest party...
  12. "Road Rally" Forum Category?

    Don't you think that Luxury4Play needs a "Road Rally" forum category like GTSprit? I know that there is a "GoldRush Rally" forum caetgory because L4P is the main sponsor, but I don't think we should discriminate, it should be easy to talk about The BullRun, Gumball3000, GoldRush and all of the...
  13. 2011 BullRun Rally Sponsors Wanted!

    Hello! My Name is Drake, and I have a LEGITIMATE opportunity for your company! (Just keep reading, I swear it isn't boring). A little bit about us and what we are doing. Last year, we were "Team Sexy", and we brought a Porsche BSX racecar. 3,000 miles with no air conditioning, in the middle...
  14. My Crazy 2010 BullRun Rally Experience!

    First of all, let me explain my car. It started as a Porsche Boxster, but has become the BoxsterSpec BSX racecar. It has PSS9 suspension, a solid chassis, a convertible, NO air conditioning, racing seat, etc. I found out I was doing the rally, 12 days before it started, my car was in the...