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  1. Automotive
    Deep down inside, I think a lot of us want to be The Rock. Not necessarily because he’s super jacked, looks good bald, and seems to relate really well to children — although he is all of those things — but because in his universe, everything seems to work out. No matter how many explosions he...
  2. Miscellaneous goods
    Klipsch Quintet Home Theater Speaker System Price is $225 shipped | CONUS. I bought a set of these speakers new on sale at Best Buy. I came back to the store a few weeks later and found a second set of the speakers "open box" and for an even deeper discount. I bought the second set...
  3. Electronics
    Im looking into getting some speakers for my macbook that i use for both music (dub, dance, house, everythingelse) and television. After recently buying a good pair of headphones (Harman Kardon BTs) Im looking to buy som decent speakers as well. After some research i've read very good things...
1-3 of 3 Results