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  1. Watches
    In recognition of Boeing’s leading position as a commercial aircraft manufacturer, carbon fiber composite from the historically significant and technologically advanced Boeing Dreamliner flying testbed aircraft, ZA004, can be found integrated into the crown of each timepiece. The anniversary...
  2. Aviation
    The closest you’ve probably gotten to a Boeing 737 engine cowling is if you were lucky enough to get a window seat near the wing. And still, that’s not really taking in that mass of metal. England-based Fallen Furniture is bringing the giant cowling to you living room – one you can actually...
  3. Aviation
    I had been closely following this plane's developments ever since Boeing was in talks about creating a new aircraft known then as the 7E7. I was a part of a small group of people back then that Boeing surveyed on a regular basis when they started making this airplane. As a young kid at the time...
  4. Aviation
    Here is another one I just so happen to stumble upon and thought I'd share before it gets taken down. It really provides a glimpse into one intricate operation that takes place to keep air travel safe and enjoyable for everyone. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Aviation
    This might be a stupid question since there aren't many aviation guys here but is anyone here going on any inauguration flights for the new 787?
  6. Aviation
    A long but great documentary of the airline that started with air mail and ended as an international carrier. Enjoy!
  7. Aviation
    What's up L4P Mavericks, I came across another cool video of what appears to be an Alitalia Boeing 767 performing an ILS Category 3B Autoland at MXP in very low visibility conditions. The landing is the easy part, finding their way to the gate is where things take a while. Enjoy! 720P HD
  8. Aviation
    A little something I came across and thought you L4P aviation buffs would enjoy. :)
  9. Aviation
    Female Pilot lands a vintage B727 in Stormy Weather with 35knot Gusts.
  10. Aviation
    Came across this on the tube. Enjoy! 737s Pilots handled well.
  11. Aviation
    As a European in the aviation industry I am of course more than happy about this deal. :clap: Finally Airbus can put its foot down in America with a major player! Heres the full article: American Airlines to add Airbus as vendor | Detroit Free Press |
1-11 of 11 Results