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  1. Porsche
    Whats up everyone, I thought this would help some Listers, A lot of people are left stranded looking for a trustworthy body shop to take their precious cars. I wanted to post this thread to show the damage that can be caused from a simple rear end impact. A customer came in for "Just a bumper...
  2. Land Rover
    Hi we are please to say we are new sponsor for luxury4play & we are a one stop shop for any makes & models. as syou see here we worked on john witherspoon range rover making your ride new again is our objective! and we wont stop there, we go the extra step for all our clients making sure you...
  3. MBZ
    We had a fun chance to take a brief moment and capture some images of 3 cars we had been working on here. One of them of course is the custom widebody C63 we built for our customer. The other is a Mclaren SLR we customized and the 3rd car is a chrome wrapped CLS63 we had to repair and re-wrap...
  4. West
    This thread was original set up in the general automotive sections but I thought I would post it here as well since we are in the Wes side. I will update the thread once or twice a week with the cars we have here being worked on. I will also post some after pictures as well. We are a Collision...
  5. Ferrari
    Here are 2 brothers that needed some care after some minor abuse. They called 323-933-5630 for quick professional services.
  6. BMW
    Here is a BMW Z8 in for repairs, the front lower bumper was smashed up pretty bad but RDB Rehab is here to save this Z8. Visit us for any type of repairs to your cars, exotics, rare collectibles, luxury, sports cars and more!
  7. Automotive
    Hi L4P! It would mean A LOT of you guys could help me out with a research project that I'm working on. I am trying to understand the operational and day to day frustrations of the garage business. Here are some tasks that I NEED to have accomplished: 1. Reach out and talk to professionals in...
1-7 of 7 Results