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  1. Porsche
    Here is a gorgeous Porsche Carrera GTS we are repairing for a loyal customer of ours. It will be back to great condition shortly!
  2. BMW
    Here is a BMW 128i currently in for extensive repairs after a vehicle lost control and hit it. We will be repairing this vehicle by replacing the quarter panel, the rear body panel and trunk.
  3. Ferrari
    We will be posting up updates on damaged cars that we work on just to show the level of repairs we do here at RDB LA. Below is a Ferrari F430 that broke the its bumper, we repaired it and it looks brand new again!
  4. Land Rover
    At RDB LA we are all about quality and just straight clean work. Whether its customizing pieces on a bumper, painting anything on your car or fixing accident related vehicle injuries we do it all. By now everyone has seen the Rover we have customized, here is a shot from a recent road trip to...
1-4 of 4 Results