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  1. Real Estate
    If you’ve always wanted to live life on a boat, but cursed your weak stomach, now is your chance to own a gorgeous modern estate and “sail” in the sea of sand.This four-bedroom, five-bathroom oasis is currently on the market for $1.95 million, located ironically in Coachella Valley, California...
  2. Marine
    This Yacht is pretty freaking cool. it looks lie something a James Bond villain would use and the you would never expect the interior to look the way it does. If i get yacht money someday this is going to be pretty high on my list lol. A bit of info and more pics can be found from the source.
  3. Marine
    If you ever wanted to go on a fishing trip but didn't want to miss a day at the gym, this boat is for you. Dream Living: Spencer Yachts’ 90-foot Betsy |
  4. Marine
    Here is a 3D concept coupé 46 feet with 2xIPS Volvo penta propulsion. Design by Zolland design of sweden. Viztech > newsblogg Zolland Design
  5. Marine
    Anyone know anything about these? I'm looking at a 90's era Sweet 16 without a drivetrain and want to put in a modern Mercruiser 5.0
  6. Marine
    Is anybody going to the Miami Yacht & Brokerage show Feb 17-21? I am super excited to see the NISI. It's the first time one is for sale in the US and the pictures look awesome What are the other highlights?
  7. Marine
    Boat season has come into town but this toy has to go! 2006 27 Daytona with single 525 Mercury Racing motor. Comes with custom purple cover and reel extreme trailer.
  8. Southeast
    Who will be attending? I know there is a Homestead Speedway event also this weekend....
1-8 of 10 Results