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  1. BMW
    With production only lasting a few years, and numbers limited to around five thousand total examples worldwide, the Z8 is quickly becoming one of BMW’s most collectible cars of the third millennium. With most the sex appeal and quirky details that make this car so special already handled...
  2. BMW
    There are certain cars out there that we lust over for long periods of time and when we finally acquire them we have to tame our excitement so that we focus on the task at hand – make it look better; make it perform better. With the addition of Brembo Brakes, KW Suspenion, and HRE Performance...
  3. BMW
    YouTube - BMW Dinan Z8
  4. BMW
    During a recent visit to Munich, Germany, got a chance to run in a Z8 at top speed (260 kmph). What a rush... car is solid and just a force to reckon with. Classic and timeless, I really need to get me one of these beasts!!! :D Enjoy.
1-5 of 5 Results