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  1. BMW
    Team Wheels Boutique is back again with yet another masterfully done BMW i8. This is our 13th…or 14th…or was it 15th i8? I don’t know, it’s been over a dozen of ‘em and it’s getting hard to keep track! All we know is that more and more i8 customers come to us because of our reputation as the i8...
  2. Automotive
    Porsche has painting it black for a while now, applying its gorgeous Black Edition treatment to a few other models in its lineup, but this latest incarnation sees the Cayman getting it. And it's incredibly awesome. Apart from either a "gloss" or "jet black" finish with all-black leather...
  3. Detailing
    In the past years, i've been pretty satisfied with my wash/dry , throw on some mothers wax by hand, take it off then use some sort of spray wax... Now not being so naive, and seeing other peoples people, i'm determined to learn and try new things, after doing some research theres even more steps...
  4. Watches
    Does anyone have any experience with the durability of black DLC/PVD coatings? The custom rollies on sites such as and makes me want to pick one up. However, I'm worried that the black coating will easily scratch!
  5. Marketplace
    Hey everyone, I need to take a minute soon and post a proper introduction for myself but for now I am trying to help out a friend/co-worker. He is looking for a 2007-2008 Porsche C4S Cab/Triple Black. If anyone has any leads, private or dealer, please reply or shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  6. Lamborghini
    "The devil wears Prada, and the LP700 wears DMC" This is the official marketing line, used by DMC Germany's Thailand Importer upon unveiling the Aventador Molto Veloce Tuning Package to the public in Bangkok. It's our first black Aventador, and we love it, hope you enjoy the photos too!
  7. Photography
    I just had to share a few of these shots, they where too clean for me not to. lol I actually was surprised by how good these turned out, so I hope you enjoy them too. The target was an 06 BMW X5 4.8is former title holder of fastest production SUV. It's wrapped in Satin Black on the inside to...
  8. Autos/Auto Related
    Offered For Sale: 2010 Range Rover Supercharged On eBay Only 16,500 Miles - Asking $84,900 Contact Alex @ 781-331-0009 Or Email [email protected]
  9. MBZ
    We got a call from L4P Member and GR Participant, Tommy Kobayashi saying that he just purchased a 2012 Mercedes C63 Black Series and he needs it to be transported. We sent a Express Flatbed to the dealership to pick-up the beast after they were done prepping the car. It will be loaded into a...
  10. Lamborghini
    I was driving down pacific coast highway today in malibu and spotted a chrome lp670 parked outside moonshadows restaurant. I almost crashed when i saw it. I wasn't sure how many of these cars made it out to the US, and i didn't know of any chrome ones. Does anyone know about this car? Pics...
  11. Land Rover
    Just buying my RR today, best feeling ever. Mods will start as soon as she's in my driveway. So you can start visualizing: stock, white on ivory interior 2006 RR supercharged. I know this video is 2010 look-alike, but I plan to mod mine to look 100% identical except for the front and wheels...
  12. MBZ
    Nice look, sadly isnt the V-12 version :(
  13. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Here is the amazing Project Kahn Bentley Continental Black Edition, I freakin love those rims! The car owner is a spoiled 18 years old spoild rich brat with an annoying beatch attitude so that why I took the pics without his concern :lol: :lol: Suck it David! (car owner) lol #winning
  14. Detailing
    2007 Lexus GS350 This car had been purchased secondhand from CarMax, where it had been extensively touched up and given a nice coating of Glaze before leaving the dealership. A few months after purchasing the car, the owner started to notice a lot of things which he didn't initially see when he...
  15. Asian Auto
    Found these cars at an aftermarket show and wanted to share some of these controversial designs. I know must "JDM" fans hate matte colors for Japanese cars but I'm almost certain they'll like these. The last one is actually FULL carbon fiber which I found pretty cool. What do you think of the...
  16. Autos/Auto Related
    Hey Guys, Helping my buddy find a new home for his Cayenne Turbo. Personally driven and ridden in the car and its essentially flawless. Reason for sale is moving onto something different. Vehicle is Located in Los Angeles (West Hollywood/Century City). PM myself or better yet E-mail the seller...
1-19 of 31 Results